NBC cancels loose ballast and ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Soap Opera’, ‘Undateable’ and several more

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    The premieres this season they have not had much luck in NBC. With the exception of ‘ Blindspot ‘, ‘ Superstore’, ‘Med Chicago “and” Shades of blue ‘other new flowers will stay in one day, because the chain has chosen emular ABC last night to cancel almost all. And, incidentally, has also fallen comedy ‘ Undateable ‘, which issued its third and final season live with audience on the set.

    Among the victims of this renewal grill include the medical drama ‘Heartbeat‘, Melissa George, and ‘ Game of silence ‘, series of intrigue that adapted an original Turkish curiously. Nor it has escaped comedy Eva Longoria, ‘ Soap Opera ‘ or ‘ Crowded ‘ a sitcom familiar with Carrie Preston. They all join ‘ The Player ‘, which was one of the first cancellations of the season.

    Thus, the chain opens a few holes in your grill to test new products next year. Of the four that has renewed this year, only ‘Blindspot‘ can be considered a success, line ‘ The Blacklist ‘, and will be interesting to see its evolution in his second season. The upfront NBC is Monday

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    In Tele Go! | ‘Blindspot’ wins the race for the second season, NBC awarded first renewal

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    NBC cancels loose ballast and ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Soap Opera’, ‘Undateable’ and several more
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    May 14, 2016

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