New proposals for free college courses from Desire2Learn

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    Desire2Learn joins existing educational platforms to opt for the MOOC format with Open Desire2Learn Courses . A platform that combines the Desire2Learn team experience on programs to create online learning environments with educational proposals from universities.

    a few months already underway, the platform promises to provide an educational environment that reflects flexibility for the institutions engaged with their courses, and for students who seek a space for entertaining and interactive online training.

    The advantages proposed is the implementation of different resources that allow interaction and teamwork in an organized and without leaving the platform. And as for the participating universities, will continue to have rights to the content they have shared, as well as wishing to implement educational strategy.

    Among the courses offered by this platform are two proposals for the next few days, oriented educators:

    Teachers + Web 2.0 = Creative Classrooms . During the 4-week duration of the course will explore how to integrate ICT in the classroom, with a review of the main web resources.

    Online Instruction for Educators Open . In a kind of workshop will be analyzed from the experience of different exponents current trends and how to develop the skills necessary to provide quality online learning environment.

    To participate in these courses only have to address the corresponding link and check into the platform.

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    New proposals for free college courses from Desire2Learn
    October 10, 2013

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