Now Google Google wakes up OK even in Spanish

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    google google ok now wake up with even one Spanish Google Google Now wake up OK even in Spanish

    One of the features offered by the new version of Android 4.4 Pure Kit Kat on the Nexus 5 , is through the voice at any time by saying the magic phrase Google OK Google App wake Now and we want to inquire what mode loudly through his microphone.

    This is possible since the for Android 4.4 Kit Kat , and so far only worked with the English language. I say so far because then I’m going to teach you how to activate this useful feature in other languages ​​like Castilian and valid for other versions of Android.

    OK How Google got enabled in Spanish

    To get activate OKGoogle on your Android device with Android version 4.1 or top just have to get off from the Play Store own this app called Open Mic + to Google Now .

    With this free application for our Android we can, in addition to activating the famous Google OK in the Spanish language , access to many settings we adjust many parameters to our own needs.

    google now wake up ok even in Spanish four google Google Google Now wake up OK even in Spanish

    Some features would be:

    • Connecting or disconnecting the hot phrase listening, by default Google OK .
    • Change

    • hot phrase by which we want, eg “Despierta Google” might be a good choice or “question Google care” .
    • Stay listening while the screen is off.
    • Stay listening only when connected to a charger.
    • Shortcut in notification bar with options to put to sleep or wake the application with one click.
    • Started automatically at boot.

    Many of these features like listening to off screen are only available in version Donation. While on the other hand, the most important option is to activate Google Now by our voice works perfectly, at least in tests conducted by me personally in my LG G2 .

    This option awaken Google Now with a simple phrase and loud, even when the screen is locked or off, is very useful for example when we driving or doing activities that do not allow us access to the device with our own hands, such as being in the kitchen with pringadas hands.

    Google Now besides search in Google and get results out loud, we can also run applications , make phone calls, send text menajes, etc, etc..

    A very interesting application and ye recommend probéis because as I say works perfectly for a activate heard in Spanish from Google Now with any Android version 4.1 or higher .

    Do you use Google Now with the voice?, if so tell us your favorite command or order as well as the phrase that you like to wake up or call the application.

    More info – All commands Google Voice Now ,


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    Now Google Google wakes up OK even in Spanish
    December 1, 2013

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