PC & Android Humble Bundle 14: Bring to eight games at a great price and play on PC and Android

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    It is very hard to resist the temptation to seize every Humble Bundle that is advertised. This package usually includes a dozen games at an unbeatable price. You can pay whatever you want , although depending on which that amount will get more or less games

    Generally Bundle Humble separated in thematic editions, one for PC and one for Android, although there has long been a third mixed category: the mixed package for both PC and Android . This is the case of Humble Bundle 14 today brings you the time an eight-game platform unbeatable price


    Can not decide between whether to play in the comfort of your Android tablet or mobile or PC? No need to choose, since all the games included in Humble Bundle PC & amp; Android is available on Android and Windows, Mac and Linux via Steam


    Posts to combine platforms, why not combine game modes too? 10.000.000 is a curious and original game with 8-bit aesthetic that combines elements of RPG, platforms and puzzles . Do you find it hard to imagine how it is possible? Watch the video above and you’ll understand. 100000000 is priced at 2.69 euros on Google Play.


    20 million players can not be wrong, right? In this game you must take control of a denizen of this magical place and agility and intelligence to overcome the many pitfalls to find the way. The version for Android includes the level editor, so if you end the hours of content that brings this title, you can always create more. Badland is free on Google Play, but includes integrated 0.99 to 3.99 euros shopping.


    of the millions of users we turn to this game space strategy in its purest essence, with a somewhat more modest reception from critics. Here no spectacular 3D graphics or animations to decorate the strategy, but lines, circles and triangles: everything depends on your imagination. SPACECOM is priced 2.99 euros on Google Play.

    Please do not touch anything

    Just someone tells you not to touch anything for you die of wanting to do it, and so was born this game. Without any explanation or context, you find yourself in front of a juicy red button with the only instruction not to pulses. What will you do? My prediction: I pressed. Its price is 0.99 euros on Google Play

    Spider. Rite of the Shrouded Moon

    Do you like adventure games and mystery? Would you like to discover the secrets hidden in this mysterious place built by a secret society? And being a spider? The authors believe that this unique game itself, and thus must catch insects in your spiderweb and solve various puzzles with your tiny body. Its price in Google Play is 5.28 euros.

    You Must Build A Boat

    You Must Build a Boat is the sequel 10000000 , also included in this Humble Bundle and with which it shares aesthetics and originality. You Must Build a Boat has not received the same host as the original game, but if you liked 10.000.000 is quite likely that you also like this. Here, as the name suggests, everything revolves around upgrade your ship , recruit your crew, fight monsters and travel the world in your fabulous boat. You Must Build a Boat is priced 2.99 euros on Google Play.

    Desktop Dungeons

    Desktop Dungeons is the most expensive game included in this Humble Bundle. In Google Play is priced 10.73 euros , which is less than what you should pay now to get your hands on all games. It is in this case a game RPG Roguelike dungeon condensed into 10-minute randomly generated (ie, are endless).

    Knights of Pen & amp; Paper 2

    the list of games included in this Humble Bundle is closed for now, with funny RPG Knights of Pen & amp; Paper 2 . It is a title that mixes classical mechanics RPG with a good dose of humor geek and absurd not hesitate to include in our list of 11 best RPGs for Android . Its price in Google Play is 4.99 euros .

    As you probably know, in Humble Bundle can pay “what you want”, but whichever amount that unlock more or less games. Some figures are fixed, while others are based on the average donation, so they can vary from one day to another.

    any donation you get 10000000, Badland and SPACECOM. If your donation is 3 dollars or more , add to previous Please Do not Touch Anything, Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon and You Must Build A Boat. Finally, if you exceed the average at $ 3 donation, which now means paying 8.52 dollars , you also take Desktop Dungeons and Knights of Pen and Paper 2. More games will be added in the coming days .

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    PC & Android Humble Bundle 14: Bring to eight games at a great price and play on PC and Android
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    July 4, 2016

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