Puma presents their running shoes Fi, with setting control via iPhone

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    Puma announced the launch of their Puma running shoes Fi, you go out into the market to compete with Nike shoes for basketball that were filed in January, and that is set via controls on the iPhone.

    Fi is a pair of running shoes completely black, with a motor with no wires in the top that allows you to adjust the shoe to the foot, without the use of traditional laces. The motor is attached to blue ribbons Dyneema that is adjusted when the motor is activated. The running shoes use a removable battery that is housed in a water resistant pocket within the shoe and can be loaded by placing the heel in a sea of charge wireless Qi or through a case load.

    Have a series of LED lights that indicate that the engine is running and charging the battery. The battery has a duration of five to seven days, and takes in load between 90 and 120 minutes.

    The sneakers can be adjusted with a control module in the front, or through an iPhone, and will also have support for the Apple Watch. With the controls on iPhone you can change the setting, see the battery life and to make more precise adjustments.

    The Fi have a weight of 428 grams. Puma Fi will be launched in 2020 and will have a price of 330 dollars.


    Puma presents their running shoes Fi, with setting control via iPhone
    Source: www.ipodtotal.com  
    February 6, 2019

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