‘Quantico’ applies the “formula Shonda” to a terrorist thriller

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    The ABC promos even hide the main inspiration behind ‘Quantico’, his new drama for Sunday night. “Grey Academy” is the motto that most critics have applied to this series, and is the best description I can make this story of an FBI cadet, nine months after leaving the academia, is involved in the worst terrorist attack on US soil since 11-S. Even comparisons with ‘Homeland’ are as successful as that. ‘Quantico’ is a distillation of all the archetypes and elements used in the series produced by Shonda Rhimes, but the writer has been or ten centimeters of the project.

    The dynamic between residents the first season of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, the plot twists of ‘ How to Get Away with Murder ‘and a narrative that alternates two time lines (the present, when the attack has already occurred, and last, when the protagonist yet is at the FBI Academy) are the main characteristics of a series that so far has managed to engage your audience, retaining its second week almost all the seven million viewers who watched the pilot, keeping also 1.9 in the demo.

    The secrets of ‘Quantico’

    ‘Quantico’ is created pot Joshua Safran, whose highest profile work to date was be the showrunner of the second season of ‘Smash‘, and begins with Alex Parrish in the footsteps of Meredith Grey to hook up with a handsome just before entering the FBI Academy. Here we know the rest of classmates Parrish, played by a star of Bollywood as Priyanka Chopra . Among them is a Muslim woman with hijab , a young rich who looks more like a contestant on reality (just because Johanna Brady, his interpreter, has been this summer in Unreal ‘ ), a former Marine with Alex will tug of war usual sentimental, the first openly gay recruits Quantico …

    The group of cadets is varied and each also has its own Secrets , secrets that will be important, of course, nine months later, when Alex begins to investigate what role it plays in the attack. In the two episodes aired so far, the scenes at the academy take advantage of the emerging relations of friendship and sexual tension between them, showing very ambitious cadet who wants to be the best at all costs, two women in love with the same man .. . In classes also much it is emphasized that the FBI is the last line of defense of the United States against terrorist acts on its soil and recruits are there to be the best in their field, and Alex is learning in these classes is then applied in their investigation of the attack.

    The secrets of the characters (and the Parrish own) will count the viewer through references made in the dialogues themselves, which can be very frustrating if it implies that the instructor have any further interest in Alex, but do not fully see what (beyond the obvious in this type of series). ‘Quantico’ works well, gradually uncovering its plan to hook the viewer and is curious to see more, but not too charismatic characters and tactics of “anyone here is a murderer, someone has killed someone” who are Following these allusions to secrets of the past does not help that we can tom├írnosla seriously.

    Thriller or soap opera?

    Quantico Cast

    ‘Quantico’ intended as a series of fast-paced action, an Thriller in which the viewer is constantly surprised by the different revelations about his characters and in which Alex Parrish, his main character, is presented as the best agent, however, has had the misfortune to look for powerful enemy. Or so it seems. The assembly of the chapters, of course, does not break, and up in lectures there are unexpected twists and lapidary phrases on the competitiveness of the cadets and how crucial it will be your job as FBI agents.

    On the other hand, hours of Sunday on ABC, and his match with ‘ Once upon a time ‘ and the new ‘ Blood & oil ‘ , it makes it also fosters personal relationships between aspiring to look at women. However, flooding the number of characters with secrets and unclear motivations for being there (so that everyone can be suspected of responsibility for the attack nine months) is not enough for ‘Quantico’ is really a thriller interesting. Yes, you can bite us curious to see how far it is able to unravel Alex skein woven around him, but his transcendental pretensions with their patriotic speeches and shameless copy of the “formula Shonda” will not actually anywhere.

    Tele Go! | 2015/16 New series: ABC

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    ‘Quantico’ applies the “formula Shonda” to a terrorist thriller
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