Rhino Camera Gear presents ROV, a motorized slider for iPhone

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  • Rhino Camera Gear presented through a campaign Kickstarter for a slider compact designed for iPhone and called the ROV. The movement of the slider produces a movement of cinematic features to make videos with the iPhone.

    Rhino has two versions of the ROV Camera Slider designed specifically for the iPhone and other smartphones; and another Pro version that allows you to accommodate smartphones and DSLR cameras.

    The track is produced entirely in metal and has a motor and a battery with 24 hours of duration. Has a mounting tripod and weighs 900 grams. Has a maximum speed of 2.54 cm per second and a minimum velocity of 0.12 cm per second. Has a price of $ 229, and the Pro version has a price of $ 299. Both models are available in size options of 20 cm and 40 cm; and Rhino offers several packages with accessories and extra equipment.

    To control the ROV you can use the app Rhino Storyteller or the application ROV Motion that will be launched in the coming months. The application allows you to control the slider by setting the direction, speed, ramp, loop and more. Rhino Storyteller is an application of video editing and that worked, the slider ROV or without the. The app features several functions including Night-lapse, Time-lapse and Slow-Motion.

    The campaign Kickstarter ROV Camera Slider it will run until 21 November, and must reach a goal of $ 50,000. The teams will begin to ship in April 2018.


    Rhino Camera Gear presents ROV, a motorized slider for iPhone
    Source: www.ipodtotal.com  
    October 20, 2017

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