Ridley Scott believes ‘Exodus’ discover the potential of Fuerteventura for film

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    • director Blade Runner is delighted with the conditions of the island, and feels discoverer of its potential for other possible movies .
    • The most arid of the Canary Islands is on Monday from the film set of a new blockbuster on the biblical epic of Moses.

    • is the largest film production was far out in the Canaries, and calculated left in the island economy 7 million euros.

     Shooting 'Exodus' on Fuerteventura

    Ridley Scott is delighted with the conditions that Fuerteventura has to offer as a set naturally after five days there filming the biblical epic of the expulsion of the Jews from Egypt and even feels discoverer of the island to other potential blockbusters.

    assertion is local production company that assists in the shoot the British film director, some of whose films are among the works of cult cinema, especially Blade Runner and Alien, the eighth passenger .

    The most arid Canary Islands is since last Monday the film set Exodus , the largest film production who was shot to date Canary , which some predict will leave and the island economy seven million euros, plus hundreds of hires.

    While pools on the economic benefits to the island are made, its future as a set or will the international projection majoreros landscapes associating his image to that of some Hollywood stars, Scott continues the shooting schedule as planned and with the wind to hit these days places like more inconvenient for the exodus of Moses .

    From local producer Volcano Films said the first shooting days have passed with normally scheduled despite the wind and intense haze who has covered the sky this week majorero satisfaction with director Ridley Scott for “choosing roll in Fuerteventura.”

    A satisfaction that shares the southern part of the island wakes up every day with the bustle of cars, buses (buses) and military trucks carrying extras to film location and hotels booked to accommodate the director, actors and technical staff 400 people Friday arrivals to the island from Almería.

    Some 900 people, including technicians and extras, working for the British director on Monday at the Jandia peninsula, now a the Sinai Desert, and invaded by dozens of trucks, wagons, tents and props designed to make curious and trying to circumvent security measures for near Ridley Scott and Christian Bale (Moses).

    Valley Cofete linked in legends World War II submarines of Nazi Germany, is now a biblical landscape where scenes have been shot in the escape of the Hebrews to the Red Sea , pursued by the Egyptian army of Ramses.

    A dozen Egyptian horse-drawn carts, nomad camps improvised, simulated fires thanks to the special effects, more than 300 extras , including children, women and men and a technical team of about 400 people are leaving the stamp these early days of recording in southern Fuerteventura

    Not to mention the other stars shooting. 65 horses, four mules nine donkeys arrived from Almeria last Saturday, along with indigenous goats and camels , expect daily in the corrals and stables Scott’s call to enter the scene.

    Other locations in the Punta Canyon and Los Canarios

    The plan also contemplates shooting scenes elsewhere in Jandia, Punta like Canyon and Los Canarios then move the second week of December to the beach Risco del Paso, which will become the Red Sea.

    That beach and the shark in El Cotillo, are emerging as roll where the miracle of the parting of the waters Red Sea to allow the passage of the Jewish people led by Moses.

    Tebeto After rolling in the north of the island, Ridley Scott and his team will be moved to the Buen Paso area, where they have provided in Fuerteventura finished shooting in mid-January.

    Meanwhile, crews are busy Buen Paso cover the facades of old houses majoreras wood and plaster simulate a village of ancient Egypt, while the area gets the greenery through plantations on agricultural land by the script.

    Fuerteventura shares with London and Almería filming this blockbuster 20th Century Fox, which is among the main actors Christian Bale, Ben Kingsley, Aaron Paul, Sigourney Weaver and Spanish actress, María Valverde that i nterpretará Moses women .

    Ridley Scott believes ‘Exodus’ discover the potential of Fuerteventura for film
    Source: www.hipertextual.com  
    November 29, 2013

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