Road Rage is released October 24

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    Racing and combat inspired by the classic Road Rash.

    Maximum Games has announced that Road Rage, a combat game in bikes of the independent developer Team 6 Game Studios, will launch on physical support and digital download on October 24 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Was planned for 2016 but delayed to this year.

    Road Rage, which tries to retrieve the iconic style playable and environmental Road Rash, will lead us to a universe apocalyptic in the gang of bikers survive as you can. From cities to farmland, we can explore, batirnos in races, quests, and expand our group.

    The game will offer more than 90 missions between major and minor, different characters and great customization options for weapons and bikes. Will include time trials and game modes more classics.

    Road Rage you can already book for 29,99 euros.

    Road Rage launches October 24

    Road Rage launches October 24

    Road Rage launches October 24

    Road Rage is released October 24
    August 31, 2017

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