‘Rodin’: a biopic that finds the intensity but that never comes to the fore in anything

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    Poster Rodin

    They have made so many biopics along the history of cinema that you must be really inspired to not end up being one more or the other on the that only highlights the interpretation of its protagonist -and in some cases other members of the cast-. Sometimes people want to cover too much in a short time, others focus too much on a one-time event that may not give it to both, and in very specific occasions with just the right touch to provide a reflection of the successful real-life character addressed.

    Whenever I get to see one, so if I’m looking forward to see it as if you simply have to do it by a matter of work, I face the same questions and a few times I find something really recommendable. I very much fear that ‘Rodin’ is not one of those latter cases, because it tries to be intense without success, not a reflection of how truly exhilarating the story of the painter and the casting is not so inspired as to compensate for it.



    The great expressiveness of his sculptures was one of the great features of the work of Auguste Rodin and one of the challenges behind the film was to try to reflect the passion, the inspiration and the personal hobbies of the artist to get to do this. To that end, the director and screenwriter Jacques Doillon opt for a tone with a tendency to the contemplative, especially during a first hour in which we see him working on a number of occasions and the rest is a little in the background.

    beyond that, it is worth noting the effective and austere work of staging of Doillon in those moments, which could easily have been hollow, but allows the inspiration behind the artistic creation, even when that’s supposed to emphasize certain doubts about the morality of the methods of Rodin. The problem is that there comes a point in which at the same time that knows little just becoming a bit repetitive. is A funny feeling but not positive.

    yes, slowly but inexorably going to grow a love story that raises considerably the number of dialogues, whose finish is a bit irregular, because as soon as gives the desired intensity to the relationship between the characters played by Vincent Lindon and Izïa Higelin as a work only to return time and time again on the same ideas without ever to give the desired depth to the romance between the two.

    ‘Rodin’, failed in all the senses

    Scene Rodin

    in Addition, that’s going to affect the way that has Doillon reflect the vagaries of artistic protagonist’s, vinculándonos sometimes that passion of love that never ends to shine despite the obvious efforts of the actors. That also affects how it shows us the rest of items related to his work, clashing, for example, the occurrences of specific other art in such a way that oscillate between what is anecdotal and what’s simply wasted.

    Nor does it help anything that cadence contemplative stated before don’t end to fit with the occasional excesses verbal, because it breaks in some way the style of the movie without the overload of dramatic they may be looking for is reflected in a satisfactory manner. In fact, the interpretation of Lindon works best when it is abstracted and carried away by this brilliance that Doillon’t fully grasp that when you happen to be chatting with other characters.

    In short, ‘Rodin’ is a discrete biopic searching intensity, artistic and romantic and only get it at certain times. Nor is it really a bad movie, but a proposal sub-par in that there is nothing that really stands out to avoid becoming another more with little to contribute.

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    ‘Rodin’: a biopic that finds the intensity but that never comes to the fore in anything
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    August 25, 2018

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