Sega stands out the good performance of the Yakuza, and Person outside of Japan

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    Show your strategy to continue to grow throughout the world.

    Haruki Satomi, president of Sega believed that the company should maximize the value of its catalogue of sagas, recovering sagas that take years and years parked and creating new ones.

    Satomi an important example of how to bring value to the intellectual properties of the company is a Yakuza, and its growing porpularidad in the western markets. At the same time, very much appreciated the recovery of Shenmue and Sakura Wars.

    Benefits and risks of a market that is becoming ever more digital

    To investors, Satomi has advocated a strategy based on getting the most out of its own brands and get revenue from computer, consoles and mobile devices. The objective is to strengthen its strategy of localization and publishing to increase their ability of simultaneous releases world-wide.

    In the same way, the company believes that it will be important to offer support to the games after the launch to verify that this extends shelf-life and helps to generate more revenue, a trend they see as “growth” in the current market.

    Satomi has also exposed the dangers facing the company, as the growing competition in the digital market, or that only a few games appeal to the attention of the general public, which restricts the opportunities for the competitors.

    Person, and Yakuza: examples of how to succeed outside Japan with products very japanese

    For his part, Kenji Matsubara, director of operations and head of the division of game, he explained that although Sonic is the best known brand for Sega, there are other brands that are growing, as Person with Person 5, of which he particularly values his performance in the West to be a title much thought to tastes japanese.

    Matsubara sees a parallel situation in Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, remember that “has sold as many copies overseas as in Japan.”

    The executive believes part of this success, is due to the quality of the work of location and the improvements that have been achieved in this field following the acquisition of Atlus.

    Sega stands out the good performance of the Yakuza, and Person outside of Japan
    October 14, 2018

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