So he fought Google against malicious apps in 2018

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  • Well fought Google against malicious apps in 2018

    The commitment Google anti-malware is one of the priorities of the company. Want you to know the shop Play Store is a secure platform, and in this war against the malicious applications they have to go ahead of the attackers.

    To demonstrate that they take very seriously the security of Google Play, the company reviews in its developer blog the measures they took in 2018 to fight against malicious applications.

    During 2018, the Google Play team worked to improve their technologies and systems of detection of abuse, significantly increased its staff of engineers, policy experts, and operations leaders to fight against the malware, and added a new series of new policies to protect users of new trends of abuse.

    With these improvements, detect and remove malicious developers faster, thus avoiding that more malicious apps entering the Google Play Store. The number of applications rejected increased by more than 55% and suspensions of applications in more than 66%. All thanks to their investments in protections and automated review processes for staff in the identification of malicious applications. the Google Play Protect now scans more than 50 billion applications every day of the devices of the users in the search of malware.

    These are some of the areas that Google focused the past year and that will continue to be a priority for 2019:

    Protect your privacy

    Google Play requires developers to limit the use of the permissions required to provide the features of your application. In addition, they have to explain to the user the collection and use of sensitive data. Last year, they rejected or eliminated tens of thousands of applications that did not comply with the policies of Google Play related to privacy and user data.

    In October of last year, launched a new policy that restricts the use of the permissions for SMS and call log, so that only the applications calls and messages preterminadas and special cases, such as automatizadores of tasks From a few weeks ago began the purge eliminating of Google Play applications that violate this policy. is In the course of 2019 will come new policies to the permissions of the device and the user data.

    Integrity of the developer

    Google has detected that over 80% of the serious violations are for developers repeat and networks of developers that are abusive. To avoid re-publish in Google Play using new accounts or developer accounts purchased on the black market have improved their detection technologies, and have combined with the expertise of their reviewers human to detect these new accounts of developers,

    Contents and harmful behavior of the application

    Google knows that malicious developers will continue attempting to evade their security systems by changing their tactics to bypass the protections. For this reason, use of models and advanced machine learning will be crucial in order to counteract and pre-empt the malware. Google performs static and dynamic analysis, using intelligently the participation data and comments provided by the users to find malicious applications with greater accuracy and efficiency.

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    So he fought Google against malicious apps in 2018
    February 13, 2019

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