So will Google Play Games

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    Google Play Games , the new gaming platform that the Internet giant will release this week at the Google I / O. Here we tell you everything you need to know before its official announcement.

     Google Play Games-2

    As you all know, in just a couple of days will start on Google I / O 2013, the annual event where the internet giant has its main innovations of the year. It is an open secret that one of the big announcements will be the new version of Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean), but that’s not the only big news.

    Some time ago began to consider the possibility that Google launch an Android gaming platform in the style Game Center from Apple. Well, in this day has been confirmed this platform to be called Google Play Games . Android Police team has gotten a leaked copy of the application (v3.1.36) and gives us all the details.

    New Google Play Games

    As I mentioned recently, it has 3.1.16 Filtering the latest version of Google Play Services, which is a big leap in relation to the current 3.0.27 version. 3.1.

    Google Play Games

    One of the first major developments in the application we see is that there is an options menu dedicated to Play Games from which we can send invitations, enable / disable notifications, manage who can send notifications and more. Invitations are sent via Google+ and gives us the ability to create game rooms to invite our friends.

     Google Play Games-



    Beyond the vast majority of options Google Play Games are not yet functional, it is possible to know which incorporate news analyzing your code. The Android Police team has and has found that games can synchronize their data across different devices as it does currently GMail or Calendar.

    is say that now you can play a game on your phone and then having mismso surpassed levels unlocked and the same elements in the application you have on your tablet.


    As expected in a gaming platform, Google icon Play Games incorporate achievements. All applications that have support for these achievements will have the icon in the lower right corner of your icon, as it used to Open Feint.

     Google Play Games Awards


    Google Play Games also include the management of invitations and pair formation posibildad giving us the “auto select” players and invite / remove those who want to game rooms. Furthermore, in these rooms will be a chat system so players can talk to each other in real time.

    Achievements, Tables and Leaderboard score

    Google Play Games incorporate achievements, a list of leaders and a scoring system of 1-5 to assess how well we played to win a level. This list will filter to view the table by day, week, month, etc. and give you the chance to get us in the rankings to see how we are located, in addition to allowing us to share with our friends on Google+.

    Google Play Games Awards-


    So we know that Google will finally have its own gaming platform to be called Play Games and incorporate style icon Open Feint, invitations management, achievements, leaderboards leaders scorecard, game rooms, saved games in the cloud and more!

    In this way, Google invests heavily in video games on Android and centralizes all the information in one place, it which I think is a great success because it is something that was missing from your OS.

    In just a couple of days will be announced officially but in the meantime we want to know your opinion. What do you think the Google Play Games ? You think it’s a good idea? Leave me your thoughts in the comments!

    Via: Input So will Google Play Games appears first in AndroidZone .

    So will Google Play Games
    May 12, 2013

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