Sport @ 8fit_app startup continues to call the attention of investors

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    8Fit is in great shape and continues to draw attention Investors

    8Fit, the startup that wants you to do exercise at home, achieved a new financing led by Mark Evans of Balderton and other international business angels.

    The return of the holiday is here and with them the good purposes and intentions. The most popular of all: exercise to end the ravages of summer and get fit. A good way that has not lost the personal training 8Fit .

    8Fit preparing new applications to extend the services of its App The proposed train platform from home and began the summer with good prospects when junio received 200,000 euros of Spanish background Vitamin K, and has decided to close with a new round. In this case, and for the good results expected for the company’s sports, the figure has reached a much higher amount: 2.5 million euros as reported Novobrief. The round, in which Vitamin K has renewed its participation has been led by Mark Evans , a partner at Balderton Carpital, Arthur Kosten of, Carles Puyol, former FC Barcelona, ​​and group of business angels.

    But why is so successful an application dedicated to sport? When the 2014 Pablo Villalba, founder of Teambox now Redbooth, Pedro Sola and David Landau created the application and opened its headquarters in Berlin, they were based on their own experiences with sports . The group of entrepreneurs, and as Paul told us in an interview , understood that the interaction with users was essential to the implementation of the App was really helpful; and it is this interaction that has the wind in their favor. That, and the ability to expand the applications 8Fit adapting the needs of users. At present, the company is by testing routines and workouts in gyms with endurance and strength, adding a point to the difficulty that can do simple exercises at home.

    In addition, the application features a user 75% women and 65% located in the United States, includes a diet plan to complete the exercise. Because as we said Pablo Villalba, your goal is not to stay as another option to gyms, they want to completely replace , so it is more likely that we will listen to talk, let , this sports startup.


    Sport @ 8fit_app startup continues to call the attention of investors
    August 31, 2015

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