Start the fruits of the merger: Canal + will start broadcasting the Formula 1 in July

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    Formula 1

    I always find it very interesting to see how continuous takeovers, mergers and other impact on the end user. The most visible examples we see, pun, television. Movistar and Canal + are currently in the process of integration and we have one of the first fruits: retransmission of the Formula 1 by Canal + from next July.

    As reported by AS Canal + is getting everything ready for broadcast the Hungarian F1 GP , which will be held from 24 to 26 July. This means that Silverstone (next week) will be followed by Movistar usually watching TV as well as by Atresemedia, which does not mean that things will change much in the following tests.

    In fact still is early to know what the exact plan regarding the issuance of Formula 1, more than anything because are not yet closed the borders of the restructuring in television integrated between Movistar and Canal +. It will not be until next week when, in principle, Movistar announce how the television offer is following the integration of Canal +.

    I guess then we’ll know dials relay and if the viewer can follow viĆ©ndolo multiscreen, with choice of camera angles and . One option that has made sports broadcasting of Formula 1 and Moto GP and quite attractive, especially in the case where F1 races have “exclusive” is with the absence of advertising, its main asset concerning the open broadcast via Antena 3

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    Atresmedia renew the rights to Formula 1 for the next two years

    This is all that takes Telefonica to buy Canal +

    Movistar TV has the rights of Moto GP and Formula 1 exclusively from 2016

    News Starts the fruits of the merger: Canal + will start broadcasting in July Formula 1 was originally published in Go Tele by Albertini .

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    Start the fruits of the merger: Canal + will start broadcasting the Formula 1 in July
    June 28, 2015

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