Startups Android IV: tappx, Carmetry and MandukaGames


In recent years are creating a large number of startups. These startups are all types: Websites, services, accessories and of course, mobile applications. And although there are many incubators events and competitions that propose to give the opportunity for these small businesses to be released at the end very few reach few succeed. It is a shame that there are very good ideas.

So this little section in EAL, I would like to know more all these applications that have a startup and a business model behind. Let the three apps today.


Surely many of you already know tappx. This startup will allow us to promote our app for completely free using ad exchanges. The best way to understand it is to have a look to the previous video. And it really works, downloads increase enough. Of course, in return you have to get pretty invasive advertising in your application.

You have more information about tappx in your web .


Carmetry is much more than a data service control, is an assistant circulation. In addition to keeping track of all our data and consumption, will learn from our drive way to detect consumption too high for example. And to make it work simply connect a bluetooth adapter to the car and the application does the rest.

Many more info on your web .


MandukaGames is a young startup dedicated to developing games in Barcelona. They have a few games that are a chulada, but more striking is that nothing has developed one of the first games designed for Google Spain Glass. Take a look at his site which are very nice people, and of course, to your applications.

Application Google Play

And here

three startups selected to start this section. If you wish you had, or have reviews, or have any suggestions of startup not hesitate to comment here or twitter .

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Startups Android IV: tappx, Carmetry and MandukaGames

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