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    We muss few weeks on the subject security, espionage and all that is related. At this point everyone should have ever heard of PRISM, the surveillance program conducted by the NSA in order to spy on everyone collecting their call logs, emails and any other form of communication.

    Well, if you have an Android and want to protect your phone from all intelligence method, whatever it is, you’re in luck because there are a multitude of applications that just will offer a degree of security. Let’s see what.

    Voice and Communications

     redphone  redphone2

    Let’s start with the basics, calls. RedPhone offers Android users a free solution and open source to encrypt calls. It is important to say that these calls are made on data (VoIP) calls and not as common. If, however, you are someone who prefers to make video calls, although there is nothing stable can start to try Jitsi . This application is like an alternative version of Skype’s encrypted, but still in alpha stage. Do not expect a wonder right now, but slowly getting better application fairly. Finally, there is a much more stable final option payment but Silent Phone Call . This app requires a subscription ($ 10 / month) but good suite of tools to secure communications. Silent Phone is available on iOS and Android and as RedPhone, makes calls over data.

    Although the problem of these applications is that communications are secure only if both users use the same application. That is why the project has appeared Ostel with ptrocolos and to promote free and open standards for protecting communications. We create an account to Ostel and got off one of the applications that support the protocol as OSTN CSipSimple on Android and we can make encrypted calls.

    Application on Google Play

    Application on Google Play

    Application on Google Play

    SMS and messaging

     Gibberbot  TextSecure

    Let’s move on to the next block, written communications. We actually have several options on Android in this regard: Gibberbot for Android offers several options to chat with our friends. Gibbertbot chats using Facebook, Google, Jabber and many others, which does not make much sense. We encrypt our communications against eavesdropping, but Facebook and Google continue collecting data.

    However, on the issue of SMS have TextSecure , the same creator who RedPhone. This application encrypts all our SMS / MMS, regardless of the app we use for SMS, so that the other person needs to have also installed TextSecure to decipher.

    Application on Google Play

    Application on Google Play

    Mail and Web navigation

    Come to the third block indispensable in any phone. In Android there are many applications that offer encrypted mails, but most require that you register and you sign up on their services. But there is an application called Enlocked accompanied by a browser plugin that allows us to encrypt emails from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Outlook. Again, the encryption will never be complete as Gmail or Microsoft still have access to content, but it’s something. We must also consider K-9 Mail that has built APG to provide the login and PGP encryption in our mail.

    browse the internet for anything better than Orweb, a browser that we offers a fully encrypted connection and private. To accompany Orweb , you need to install Orbot . This application is important because it allows Orweb use Tor , the network that offers complete anonymity.

    Application on Google Play

    Download Application

    Application in Google Play

    Application in Google Play

    And with these three sections we will have transformed our entire phone Android Anti-PRISM. Of course, there are many more things you can do to your Android to make it more secure. I recommend you to take a look at an article not long ago: The best applications to encrypt and improve the security of your Android .

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    The Anti-PRISM android phone
    June 26, 2013

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