The crazy story behind ‘Urban Myths’ series, with Joseph Fiennes by Joaquin Reyes by Michael Jackson

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The controversy was underway when, in late January of last year, at a time when the debate on diversity in Hollywood and the whitewashing are currently Sky Arts announced that Joseph Fiennes would be interpreted by the pop icon Michael Jackson in a comedy special then titled ‘Elizabeth, Michael and Marlon’.

With the new title of ‘Urban Myths’, Sky Arts has released a first trailer of this project so crazy and filled with well-known faces, interpreting icons of cultural and historical. The main story is a satire which is inspired by an urban legend that saw the light in 2011.

Vanity Fair has published a piece very discussed which ensured that Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando and Michael Jackson wanted to flee New York after the terrorist attack of 11/S in 2001. As they could not get out by plane, leased a car together the three, trying to get to California but it only came to Ohio, where they caught a plane.

it Was Tim Mendelson, one of the personal assistants of Liz Taylor, that you told this adventure in an interview with Vanity Fair, and arose from the fact that Michael Jackson was invited to Brando and Taylor to participate in a couple of concerts that the King of Pop had planned at the beginning of September in the city.

‘Urban Myths’ picks up this history-legend-myth and turns it into a road trip comedian with Fiennes playing the singer, Stockard Channing as Elizabeth Taylor and Brian Cox as Marlon Brando. In the wake of the controversy, Fiennes said in his day that he was the first surprised when he was offered the role, and that he understood that it was a sensitive topic, but after having read the script I couldn’t let the opportunity to work on a project as brilliant.

But it is not the only myth that appears in this special, whose title carries the added ‘A Brand New Collection of Comedies’. In the trailer we can see Iwan Rheon (‘Game of Thrones’) as Hitler, accompanied by Rupert Grint (‘Harry Potter’), who apparently is painting some of his first works.

Also, is Ben Chaplin (Mad Dogs,’ as a Cary Grant and Aidan Gillen (‘Game of Thrones’) as Dr. Timothy Leary. Eddie Marsan (‘Ray Donovan’) also appears as Bob Dylan and David Threlfall as the writer’s Samuel Beckett looking for a “Dave” in the house of Olivia Colman.

The series has six episodes, each one of them focused on a story and, according to the trailer, based on real stories more or less. On the official website reads:

Our urban legends are stories that have been passed on over time and are now part of folklore urbano. But, are you certain? We take a look ironic, mischievous, and deliberately ambíguo to what could have happened…

‘Urban Myths’ opens the January 19, on Sky Arts.

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The crazy story behind ‘Urban Myths’ series, with Joseph Fiennes by Joaquin Reyes by Michael Jackson
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