The emblem white Spider-Man is explained in the own video game

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    Insomniac Games confirms that become familiar characters in new roles.

    Insomniac Games has secured the presence of white logo on the chest of Spider-Man in the game’s eponymous that they are preparing for PlayStation 4 will be explicada in the own video game. And is that the color of the emblem arachnid superhero had caused some controversy among the fans.


    The study has explained that the reason why the symbol of Spider-Man is white is part of the story the game, which is why it has not been explained by now because they don’t want to pop surprises of the title.

    Old characters will return the video game

    in Addition, in this video game have ensured that they will come back multiple characters from the universe of Spider-Man,, although in some cases these characters family members are going to have a different role to the traditional as part of the work of the study for reinventing the universe of the hero of the comics. I remind you that the history of the game will be self-contained and will not be linked or with the movies or the comics, because the goal is to create a separate frame for this title.

    even Though the study has not indicated what will be those characters that will return, at least if have indicated that they will not appear symbionts in the game, so that Poison, Massacre, and other characters can be discarded already by the fans.

    This title launch in 2018 exclusively for the PlayStation 4, still without a concrete date.

    emblem-white Spider-Man is explained in the own video game

    The emblem white Spider-Man is explained in the own video game
    June 25, 2017

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