The National Court acquits Ramoncín of crimes of “case SGAE”

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  • The High Court acquits Ramoncín of crimes of "Case SGAE "

    The High Court acquits Ramoncín exdirectivos and the other three defendants in the” case SGAE “

    Second Section Criminal National Court announced the decision to the parties by which it absolves Ramoncín of the crimes for which he was accused in the “case SGAE” and why the prosecution called for a sentence of four years and ten months Prison: A crime continued misappropriation and forgery of a commercial document , as has collected the Agencia Colpisa .

    The judgment also acquitted other defendants, Jose Luis Rodriguez Neri, Pablo Antonio Hernández García Arroyo and Enrique Loras offenses similar to those of Ramoncín nature. On the acquittal of the singer judgment he emphasizes that could not prove the allegation by the prosecution maintained , and that the test carried out was definitely not conclusive and left the door open to reasonable doubt as to the true participation in the acts of the defendants in the “case SGAE”.

    A Ramoncín and the other three exdirectivos SGAE were accused of plotting A frame issuing false invoices which improperly appropriated of 57,402 euros, facts submitted to the judgment of the High Court, it has become clear that can not be attributed to the accused .


    The National Court acquits Ramoncín of crimes of “case SGAE”
    January 12, 2016

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