The Samsung Galaxy S8 begins to upgrade to Android 9 Foot in Europe

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  • The Samsung Galaxy S8 begins to upgrade to Android 9 Foot in Europe

    in mid-January, Samsung enabled the process of open beta of Android 9 Stand for the Samsung Galaxy S8, right after to do the same with the Note 8. A month later, on the 15th of February, and on meeting the calendar published by Samsung Turkey, Note 8 received the stable version in Europe and today it’s the turn of his brother of the range Galaxy.

    According to report several users at the subreddit of the Samsung Galaxy S8, update has begun to unfold already in some european countries, confirming Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Some users claim that it is also appearing in the Samsung Galaxy S8+. Even so, it should be noted that it seems being a deployment step and that, possibly, the update is late is still a couple of days to reach all markets.

    Reaches One UI accompanied by the security patch February

    S8 Screenshots of the Samsung Galaxy S8 to be updated to Android 9 Foot. Image credits: subas87, manmad91.

    The update has been received on several Samsung Galaxy S8 free, that is, those that have not been purchased with carrier. the Has a weight of 1.610,30 MB, so that it would be advisable to connect a WiFi network before you rush to download it.

    On XDA, on the other hand, have abierto a thread with the .zip of the ROM installable by Odin. Is only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy SM-G950F/FD, so you can always try to install it manually. It is not a process overly complicated, but if you do, keep in mind that you do so at your own risk.

    The most eye-catching of Android 9 Foot is the inclusion of One UI, the new layer of personalization for Samsung

    The main innovation of Android 9 Stand for the Samsung Galaxy S8 is One IU, the new layer of customization that replaces the Samsung Experience. the Implies a radical change of the interface, and highlights, among other things, by improving the use of the device with one hand and implement the dark mode natively on both in the settings as in the proprietary applications of Samsung.

    Finally, remember that this is a release phases. It is possible that the arrival in Spain was delayed for a few days and even weeks. First will devices free and, subsequently, purchased with operators. With this last deployment, and lack of confirmation of the Galaxy S8+, the Korean company will be over to update its high-end 2018 and 2017.

    Via | Reddit

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    The Samsung Galaxy S8 begins to upgrade to Android 9 Foot in Europe
    February 20, 2019

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