‘The search’: the director of the first two films explains why it still has not completed the trilogy

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    Disney has wagered during the past few years by the franchising firm, but you have account with other sagas that has been set aside for reasons not necessarily known. One of them is ‘The search’, since the second delivery raised quite a bit more than the first -457 million dollars in front of 347-, but he does a lot that we don’t have news of a third installment. the Jon Turteltaub, director of the first two, the order has clarified the reason.

    Turteltaub is currently promoting the premiere of ‘Megalodón’the tape in which Jason Statham is facing a shark is gigantic, and in Collider took the opportunity to ask for ‘search 3’. This was what the director said about it, highlighting the reasons purely economic of Disney not to take it out ahead:

    When did ‘The search’, there was a lot of money. Everyone was well-paid. The problem with making the third one is not the people that claimed saying “I’m Not going to do unless I get paid a lot”. The truth is that Disney feels that they have other films they want to make them think that they are going to make a lot of money. I think they are wrong. I think you are right with the films that are doing, obviously they are doing a great job making great movies. I just think that this would be one of them and that you are not aware of how many people there are on the Internet begging for ‘search 3’.

    Personally, I’d love to see ‘search 3’, both because it would be the return of Nicolas Cage to the first line of Hollywood as because I enjoyed theirs with the first two deliveries. In fact, I would prefer that Disney did this film to ‘Indiana Jones 5’. The problem is that ‘search’ is a heir clear in the saga led by Harrison Ford, and that this last a priori is going to work much better at the box office, why stay with the ersatz if you can have the original?

    The other key point is that Disney already gave another chance to the duo formed by Turteltaub at the address and Cage as the protagonist ‘The sorcerer’s apprentice’, a booming commercial failure, which surely will removed the desire to the company to count on them. I wish to reflect, that Cage can still take the hit as adventurous unlikely while Ford simply is already too old for such a role.

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    ‘The search’: the director of the first two films explains why it still has not completed the trilogy
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    August 1, 2018

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