The trailer for season 3 of ‘Channel Zero’ promises to cannibalism and a disturbing Rutger Hauer

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    we Already knew the release date, much earlier than expected: just a month remains for the return of ‘Channel Zero’ with its new season, the third: February 7, 2018. On this occasion, the atmospheric and morbid series of Nick Antosca for Syfy it will inspire in your story ‘Butcher’s Block’ on the creepypasta ‘Search and Rescue Woods’ of Kerry Hammond.

    In him we will tell the story of a young woman who, newly arrived in a new city (Olivia Luccardi, which remind you of ‘It Follows’), discovers the rumors about a series of mysterious disappearances, which seem to be connected with some unreal stairs that appear in the middle of a nearby forest. Related to all this (or not) could be the magnate of meat Joseph Peach (the great Rutger Hauer), who from that their daughters were murdered lives in detention.

    Alice comes to town accompanied by his sister Zoe. This suffers from schizophrenia and does not live in accordance with the dependency that has not had more remedy than to develop towards their caregiver. In the company of a journalist withdrawal that is investigating the disappearances to write a book, and a young policeman, lives under the weight of responsibility for the past, will try to unravel the mystery of the strange stairs that no one knows where they are going.

    The trailer, as usual, she reveals very little about the details of the argument of the season, but by the characteristics of the series, it is inevitable that to remain cryptic and filled with images of impact. All of the items that we have already talked about with regard to the second season seem to follow these: rituals rare, architectural constructions from another dimension and conspiracies abstract. It seems that in this case,there are also certain elements of cannibalism, and perhaps secret societies.

    With the ability to unsettle completely intact, ‘Channel Zero’ appears to be willing to bring a good carload of nightmares to Syfy (in our country, possibly, will continue to see through HBO) from February. Long live the bizarre.

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    The news The trailer for season 3 of ‘Channel Zero’ promises to cannibalism and a disturbing Rutger Hauer was originally published in Espinof by John Tones .


    The trailer for season 3 of ‘Channel Zero’ promises to cannibalism and a disturbing Rutger Hauer
    January 11, 2018

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