These are the 50 films that have divided critics

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    Some of the films most controversial

    There are studies that suggest in reality the ratings of the critics and the public are more similar than you think. But from time to time, when there are movies that cause a strong division of opinions. Even among this very heterogeneous group of students of professionals who write reviews, those considered “experts in film.”

    often speaks disparagingly of the critical as a large group with similar tastes, and it is absurd, there is everything; and the differences are growing because the Internet has allowed more people to write reviews in a professional manner. A proof of this is the interesting list which has been published Gizmodo UK, where it seeks to collect the 50 films that have faced more critics.

    to carry out this selection have been taken as a reference to the web Metacritic, and have taken into account all the movies with a minimum of 40 reviews, around 9.500 titles. And in the list there is everything from a humble european films of the author to a Hollywood blockbuster. The result is very striking, the film that has most divided the critics is ‘Melancholy’ (‘Melancholia’, 2011) the controversial Lars von Trier.

    The films most controversial

    When the critics agree: the 30 films most applauded

    we can Also check the list opposite, the films that have divided critics, which interestingly is shorter, only 30 titles, because it includes only the top rated. Sure they have agreed in pointing out shit but not listed here are reflected. In this ranking, the big winner is ‘Boyhood’ (2014) Richard Linklater.

    The movies less controversial

    Personally, one of the big surprises is that in the TOP 50 of the films most controversial appears the Episode III ‘Star Wars’, I never imagined that there so much division. And the other listing it strikes me that is there ‘night life’ (‘Live By Night’, 2016) Ben Affleck, I don’t remember that it was very advocated in his time. What has surprised you most to you of these two listings?

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    These are the 50 films that have divided critics
    November 24, 2017

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