They spend all the salary of her mother in the contents of FIFA 18

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    The woman ensures that her son didn’t know that was paid for with real money.

    A mother of Cork, in Ireland, is jumping to the headlines of the local media by the unfortunate economic situation in which it is located by the games of his son, FIFA 18 and micropayments.

    The woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, says that he bought his son FIFA 18 in digital version with your credit card through the PlayStation Store, and that it made purchases of points subsequently.

    Without pay for online purchases

    The son, according to the version of the mother, completely unaware that those actions involving real money. For its part, the parent alleges that there were warnings or sufficient checks to avoid it.

    So, the affected, which has lost the entire salary of the month plus extra pay for purchases in the game, brings the situation to light for warn other parents, because it has not managed to return.


    “He is not included that the points you bought, they cost real money. When you purchase the game or you play it not lets you know that these items cost real money. Not had to do anything to activate the card”, explains the mother harmed by the problem to the time that notes that your child is affected by the situation and does not go out of the room.

    The mother became aware of the situation when you try to draw money, he noticed that he had no funds: “I was told that PlayStation I had made charges constant of the account. I ran out of money”.

    The affected criticizes harshly the lack of measures taken to warn of these purchases in-game to parents

    From PlayStation have assured the affected that it is a game for adults and they can’t do anything. “I was told that they could not do anything, so I warn all the parents of it,” he adds.

    The affected insists that it considers that do not apply accurate measurements to prevent minors to make payments with the card that was previously inserted in the account, in this case from the PlayStation Store.

    “it Was my first christmas working full-time and I see that my bank account remains empty. It’s an awful thing,” he adds.

    There are or not sufficient measures to prevent from this kind of shopping, what is certain is that there is concern among mothers and fathers for content that their children consume and the actual cost, especially in the field of mobile games where they have seen similar cases.

    spend all the salary of her mother in the contents of FIFA-18

    They spend all the salary of her mother in the contents of FIFA 18
    December 20, 2017

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