This hidden menu Galaxy S7 can scale the image

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    Dpi S7 Galaxy 2

    Escondido, hidden in a menu that Samsung does not want you to see, your nuevo Galaxy S7 offers the option to change the DPI (dots per inch in ) to give the screen look condensed that makes it fit more icons and elements at the same time . But in XDA Developers have discovered how bring it to light without rooting the phone and you we will explain.

    Now we have told ever qué is and how DPI scaling is modified Android , a technique that allows you to modify the appearance of screen elements at the expense of sharpness and sometimes, self-balanced design of the interface. With or without rooting the phone. But this time it’s something simpler, are just five steps without root


    We are not referring to the pixel density physical panel including hardware and immovable, but the scaling can be achieved by software. Two screens of different resolutions and the same size scale IPR as necessary to show the same.

    Accessing the settings menu DPI Samsung Galaxy S7

    Dpi Galaxy S7 1

    change the scaling of the screen Galaxy S7 so just follow these steps. The only tedium is the first action, because it requires Nova Launcher, but the rest is a matter of seconds. Are just 5 steps.

    1. Download and install Nova Launcher (free version) and launch it without putting it as the default
    2. Long press an empty space on the desktop to launch widgets
    3. Press the widget activities and place it on your desktop, on any page
    4. Go to Settings and choose .DisplayScalingActivity
    5. a shortcut to the new widget will appear . on the desktop that, when clicked, takes you to the place you were looking for

    and you are in the setup menu screen that offers you two options: standard and condensate. Next to the alternative he explained that the second option allows you “see more content on the screen once with icons, controls and texts smaller” .

     Dpi S7 Galaxy 3

    the result you can see in all these comparative images published on XDA: more space between icons, more elements in vertical lists, more content at first glance in the browser, etc. Recommended especially for those who have good eyesight and a thin finger that always goes where it should.

    But if your problem is the opposite and what you want is to have larger items, remember that also there are some launchers that allow an adjustment icons and texts , on all who are intended for people with special visual needs. That’s because the moment because the preview of Android N and shows that this function is native to the future.

    More information and images | XDA Developers via GSM Arena

    In Engadget Android | Si you have received your Galaxy S7 do not break, because according to iFixit is almost impossible to repair

    The news This hidden menu Galaxy S7 can scale the image was originally published in ​​ Engadget Android by Sergio Figueroa .

    Engadget Android

    This hidden menu Galaxy S7 can scale the image
    March 19, 2016

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