Vandal TV: The weirdest news of Pokémon GO

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    A new special Vandal TV.
    Pokémon GO is a phenomenon that has made a deep impression in today’s society at the multiple levels. We do not speak only of a video game for mobile devices highly success , we talk about an application that has been capable of generating some of the most interesting news in the electronic entertainment for weeks. Today in Vandal TV , we collect some of the most rare and interesting

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    Pokémon GO GO it is a application Mobile in which players can walk the streets of their cities capturing their favorite creatures . It is a free game (although it contains microtransactions) and is available for both Android and iOS . If you want to know more, we recommend our special coverage href=”” and our GO Pokémon guide
     Vandal TV: The weirdest news of Pokémon GO

    Vandal TV: The weirdest news of Pokémon GO
    August 11, 2016

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