We have trailer for ‘Chance’, a new mystery series with Hugh Laurie Hulu

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  • Chance

    In the summer tour TCA, yesterday was the turn of Hulu, the platform streaming NBC, ABC and FOX is boosting its own production strategy for a couple of years ago. Theirs was, for example, ‘The Path ‘, and in the fall will increase its catalog of dramas with titles like’ Chance ‘. It is a mystery series based on a novel by Kem Nunn, and created by the Nunn himself and Alexandra Cunningham.

    Laurie plays here a neuropsychiatrist San Francisco that too involved in seeking a solution the problems of one of his patients. You just put in a disturbing plot of impersonation and all his life, and his relationship with his wife and daughter, turns upside down. The first season of ‘Chance’ are 10 episodes, which will be released weekly from October 19, and the director of the first episode is Lenny Abrahamson ( ‘ the room’).

    This project seems to confirm Hugh Laurie’s return to TV , having focused more on his music career parallel to the term ‘House‘. In addition to its side in ‘ Veep ‘, Laurie has participated in this year ‘El infiltrated ‘AMC and BBC miniseries that has favored the great reputation it enjoys Tom Hiddleston, and in which he played the villain of the story. His work there earned him an Emmy nomination for Best Supporting miniseries

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    We have trailer for ‘Chance’, a new mystery series with Hugh Laurie Hulu
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    August 7, 2016

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