What are the Upfronts and why are they so important

Tv Upfronts

All seriéfilos that follow the day the news of the panorama television international, you probably have noticed that, over the past few days, the different north american chains have announced suddenly a flurry of renovations and, above all, cancellations that have put legs above your barbecue grills of broadcast next season.

This, far from being something casual, corresponds to a series of events known as Upfronts, held annually during the first week of the month of may and that are important determinants of the generalist tv channels american, and for the future of the various series and programs that increase their catalogues.

But, what are the upfronts, when they began to become and why are they so important? The answers to all these questions and any more they are condensed in the following video, in which I bring all the information needed to better understand how to work the large networks television americans and what it depends on the continuity of their productions.

After watching this video remember that every time notéis that your chains of television of header have started to cancel shows right and left, you only have to go to calendar to cercioraros that everything is in order. If we are in the month of may, it has not been loosed in Revelation; we’re just fully submerged in a new season Upfronts.

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What are the Upfronts and why are they so important
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