What has the ‘Siren’ to be one of the most popular series of the year

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    What does 'Siren' to be one of the most popular series of the year

    For many it is a mystery that ‘Siren’ is one of the most views in the catalog of HBO Spain but if we look at some details we can understand why he has been successful, especially for a public special. The original series of Freeform was renewed for a second season, and in Espinof we want to give you the keys to success.

    To put you in a situation, ‘Siren’ tells the story of Ryn, a mermaid, and that must come to the surface to retrieve his sister, captured in the waters of Bristol Cove, a sleepy seaside town whose inhabitants are dedicated to fishing and with a great cultural tradition rooted in the mythological figure of the siren.

    The appearance of Ryn in the village and their relationship with the different personalities that live in it will be the cornerstone of the series, with greater emphasis on the strange and close relationship which they establish with a partner in charge of the recovery center of marine species, of Bristol Cove.

    Eline Powell and the visual effects, the strong points of the series

    The first point that is essential in this type of productions is a protagonist that lace and that keep the viewer glued to the screen, also if we stop in other products of Freeform as ‘Pretty Little Liars’, the beauty of the actors in these series teen is the key and, without doubt, the Eline Powell in the role of siren complies to perfection.

    Its natural features powered in his role of mythological creature you created an aura of mystic and attractive that makes us believe his character. To the perfect choice of the mermaid protagonist is added that relationship with Ben (Alex Roe) and Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola) the pair of biologists that will Ryn in search of his sister.

    it Is in this part where the youth can find their greatest point of connection with the series, because of the ongoing intrigue and the search for his sister, the siren establishes a close connection with Ben, reaching to disrupt the couple at the same time that we discover as Ryn adapts and wants to adopt gestures and human attitudes.

    Siren Figures

    Another element that makes ‘Siren’ appealing is as left side of that image sweet and peaceful of the siren and about almost entirely due to the mythological daughters of the river Aqueloo and the nymph Calíope that dupe men and to unfold their full aggressiveness. Does not reach the point of works in the style ‘The Lure’, where it embraces completely that character dark and violent, but it did set a advancement within this type of production.

    The biggest surprise that we find in the series, created by Eric Wald, Dean White, are special effects, especially in the section on the transformation of the sirens, with a run and a mise en scene quite remarkable. This section is where ‘Siren’ climbs of note.

    Many ways to improve for the second season

    Despite all of this, the opponents of this title have arguments, and solid. On the one hand we have an atmosphere is pretty poor and a story arc that develops strokes. The whole plot around the mythology of the people is poor and poorly planned throughout the episodes, with explanations banal that they do not get to contribute strength to the story.


    The experiments government also could not miss, along with dialogues and events are too predictable, and with character excessively linear. The motivations and the portrait of Ryn are well reflected, as well as its evolution and its approach to the human, is to dwell on the characters of Ben and Maddie where the relationship with the siren and all of its plot is is half-hearted, and with situations with a difficult explanation.

    ‘Siren’ is to disconnect and spend some fun time

    ‘Siren’ is one of the recent products, the most eye-catching found in the catalog of HBO Spain and we expected much more. Like that we can spend with ‘The Rain’ at Netflix, we are facing a fiction that seems designed to satisfy a young audience and undemanding, which without doubt would give much more game with better scripts.

    But we already know that a good series is not synonymous with certain success. Sometimes there are series that got us without the need of a plot, solid or a few interpretations are perfect and it seems that this is the case of ‘Siren’: a series of conventional that helps us to disconnect from our day-to-day without major pretensions. Will have to wait for a second season to see if their faults are rectified, and its audience remains just as true.

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    The news What has the ‘Siren’ to be one of the most popular series of the year was originally published in Espinof by Lara Ben-Ameur .


    What has the ‘Siren’ to be one of the most popular series of the year
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    October 27, 2018

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