WhatsApp allows you to re-download the media files deleted, we tell you how


If you ever doing cleaning in the internal storage of your Android mobile you have seen how by mistake deleted some media file received by WhatsApp then we have very good news. The popular messaging client now allows you to re-download the images, videos, audios and documents .

Between the versions 2.18.106 and 2.18.110 the messaging application WhatsApp has been activated silently this important change in the received files. If you want to already have this innovation so you only have to you have WhatsApp updated to its latest version.



Until now, if you delete the image or video from the gallery or browser of our device in WhatsApp the image appeared blurred in the message, and when clicking on it, we left a message that said to us: “sorry, this multimedia file does not exists in your internal storage”.



from now on, if we remove a media file or document when you return to see your message on WhatsApp we will see how to re-appear the option to download it again from the servers of the company, as if you’ve never downloaded before this message. Yes, not be able to recover a file if you deleted your message.

If you delete a received file is very old, several months, it is possible to tell us with a message that there is no longer that file is available and that we have to re-order it to our contact so that it will not send again. According to tests it has been able to recover files that are received three months ago.

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Xataka Android | How to activate the blocking of recording of voice notes of WhatsApp for Android

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WhatsApp allows you to re-download the media files deleted, we tell you how
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