Whatsapp could give a step further in security by allowing you to set up an access code

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    When an application adds in his update is an improvement in the security and privacy of the user is always welcome, and the last of Whatsapp was the encrypted ‘end to end’ that it was that no one could intercept the messages that you send or receive while you are chatting with your cousin about the cruelty of the bears of gummy.

    however, in Whatsapp seem to want to continue to advance in the security and privacy of its users, and that is that apparently they were doing tests in which is inserted a system of access codes. That is to say, the user would have to put a numeric code, in this case 6 digits.

    At least so it appears from the translation from English into German of three phrases that, translated into English, would be: “Enter a passcode of 6 digits”, “The access codes do not match. Try again” (to me, that I ask for it please) and “Enter an email address”recovery.

    several lines of code of Whatsapp for a future release, we have discovered references to an access code which would be 6 digits and that would set up an email address for retrieval.

    In the particular case of the e-mail address of the recovery, this could be optional and not mandatory as one of the lines of code, although it is recommended to further minimize the possibility of losing your account from Whatsapp that will continue, yes, tied to the phone number of every user.

    Without a doubt, despite the criticism that is given to this app (I think that many of them deserved), add this additional security to avoid family, known (not necessarily you have to fall down a well) and thieves from accessing your conversations is always a positive step, whether it be Whatsapp or any other messaging application.

    Via | Android Authority
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    Whatsapp could give a step further in security by allowing you to set up an access code
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    September 22, 2016

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