Xiaomi input in the Western market goes beyond selling phones

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    It Xiaomi in the Western market beyond sell mobile

    Xiaomi has confirmed its entry into the Western market unsold phones or tablet. And so, the implications of this movement go much further and are the basis on which the company wants to build their future in the West.

    Statement of Intent. If you can sort of somehow Xiaomi press conference that took place today on American soil would stay with the above. And is that despite expectations, most knew we were not going to see even a smartphone or tablet company in the western market in the short term, and as has confirmado Hugo Barra, it will. The company has used the speaker today afford to give us some figures that illuminate the magnitude of the emerging Chinese manufacturer of terminals: 61.1 million handsets sold in 2014 with a growth rate of 227% for this period .

    But stay in that simple fact would be somewhat obtuse. Xiaomi involvement goes beyond; and not just because they are going to open the shop Mi.com Western market soon to sell accessories company, which did not telephone listings, because despite that Xiaomi are enough ready to learn you can not enter the Western market in the current state -for the problem of patents and licenses- if that highlights the importance of a considered minor player in a market of giants. Right now, many Western companies dream of a portion of what has Xiaomi despite having reached this situation with a competitive advantage that the Western market clearly does not permit based regulation.

    Xiaomi 61.1 million handsets sold in 2014, 227% growth So if you look at the words of Hugo Barra in the context of the conference in Silicon Valley, you will realize that , ignoring the implications of the non-sale of smartphones and tablets, Xiaomi entry into the US market is, so far, focused on ecosystem . And right now, the company has become a big player within the Android ecosystem: 100 users who had installed Xiaomi MIUI in 2010, spending 100 million in 2014 makes them an agent to consider. 40 million active members Xiaomi Mi Forum. 169,000 messages per day and 224 of their weekly updates for MIUI are not to be taken as a joke. Except when supports 347 models in 96 brands.

    We are strong supporters of Google. Truly believe to be a good player in the Android ecosystem. We are an Internet company. We do more than phones.

    When you become the first mobile manufacturer in China, are in third place of business e-commerce companies in the region and 5 out of 8 phones Android are activated in a country of over a billion potential users are yours, can not deny you’re a backbones of the ecosystem.


    For all this, the arrival of the US market Xiaomi will not sell phones. It will sell intentions as a starting point; as they did at the time with China, make devices and ecosystem selling is something aspirational but while emerging markets can afford; and from there, move to higher income levels in these countries , with higher priced devices and higher margin jump to Western markets with liquidity and sufficient capital to pay for licenses and tag removed copycat .

    Earning ecosystem markets that can not operate is the first step so that, where possible sell mobile unfinished face a competition commission or judge, and you’ve carved a niche in the market by selling services that other manufacturers refuse to use the products of the latter. A perfect Trojan horse to win the user.

    The successful internationalization of Xiaomi depends on your ability to understand local markets and focus its ecosystem for these markets. As it has done with China and how you intend to do with the Western market. So this is something else to sell phones; going to win users, and thus markets


    Xiaomi input in the Western market goes beyond selling phones
    Source: www.hipertextual.com  
    February 12, 2015

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