Xiaomi Mi A2: the sequel to the Android One more successful reaches with the force to conquer the mid-range (again)

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    Xiaomi Mi A2

    The marriage of Xiaomi with Android One was completed in September of 2017 with the Xiaomi Mi A1, a smartphone that quickly became the undisputed king of a mid-range increasingly saturated and close. As it could not be otherwise, Xiaomi has renewed their vows for one more year and today announced the long-awaited Xiaomi Mi A2.

    The sequel to the Android One’s most famous moment comes with a refreshed design of format more elongated which reduces frames to take advantage of more the front. My A2 repeats with the dual camera and improved sections such as the power. But not get ahead of ourselves, let’s look at all the new features of the mobile phone that wants to conquer the mid-range for the second time.

    technical specifications of the Xiaomi Mi A2



    158.7 x 75.4 x 7.3 mm
    168 g
    Body of aluminium-Unibody
    fingerprint Reader back.


    IPS 5,99-inch
    18:9 FullHD+ (2.160 1.080)
    Corning Gorilla Glass 5


    Snapdragon 660 octa-core Kryo 2.2 + 1.8 Ghz
    GPU Adreno 512


    4 / 6 GB


    32 / 64 / 128 GB + MicroSD


    Android 8.1 Oreo (Android One)


    12 + 20 MP, f/1.75, PDAF, portrait mode, selector scene auto (IA), 4K video 30fps


    20 MP, f/1.8


    LTE, WiFI ac, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, USB-C


    3.010 mAh
    Quick Charge 3.0


    to be confirmed

    18:9 commands

    Xiaomi Mi A2

    When he left the Xiaomi Mi A1, the displays elongated or format 18:9 were not so widespread, but his successor comes at a time in which the format 18:9 has taken over the showcase mobile, also in mid-range, so the logical step was to adopt this new format.

    As a result, the Xiaomi Mi A2 grows in height but kept the width, and the same thing happens with your screen, passes measure 5,99 inches as we have already seen in other models of the firm as the Redmi Note 5, with whom it has pretty much the same. The resolution is in full hd+, or what is the same, 2.160 x 1,080 pixels.

    The screen grows until 5,99 inches and takes the form of elongated so extended in the shop window today.

    If we look at design details, we see some interesting changes as the corners of the screen have been rounded. In addition, even though the frames are still evident, have been reduced quite a lot compared to the first model. there is Also a noticeable change in the rear and it is the position of the camera, which passes from the horizontal disposition to a vertical one that reminds us quite a certain mobile apple. My A2 still keeping the fingerprint reader on the rear and features a chassis of aluminium unibody.

    dual Camera with a touch of AI

    Xiaomi Mi A2

    Xiaomi has been improving their cameras with the buzzword fashion: Artificial Intelligence, and My A2 also benefits from these developments, but before let’s see what we offer at the technical level. The rear camera is combines two sensors 20 and 12 megapixel camera, both mounted under paths lenses with aperture f/1.75 for a good performance in low-light conditions.

    My A2 selects the sensor the more suitable according to the decision, the main sensor of 12 megapixels with pixels of 1.25 um, and is intended for photos with good light, while the secondary sensor of 20 megapixel plays an important role in conditions of low light with a pixel of 2 um, which are grouped of four in four in a system known as SuperPixel (hello, HTC).

    The double chamber is still present with the ubiquitous portrait mode that comes enhanced with “artificial intelligence”.

    The reason for this duality is, once again, the popular portrait mode or background defocus. Moreover, in this case Xiaomi ensures that is improved edge detection for more natural results. In addition, it also includes the selector of scenes intelligent, a function that we were able to test it already with the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S and who is responsible for “reading” the picture to provide the best fit to each situation.

    On the camera front also there is a significant jump in resolution, and it is that sensor that mounts account with 20 megapixels, specifically the same sensor that mounts to the front camera, so that we will be able to get us out selfies more spacious. Your lens is f/1.8 for better results with low light and it also has portrait mode (by software), in addition to the inevitable mode beauty and a added very useful: the HDR mode auto

    In development…

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    Xiaomi Mi A2: the sequel to the Android One more successful reaches with the force to conquer the mid-range (again)
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    July 24, 2018

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