YouTube keeps changing its interface slightly to make it more intuitive

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    Youtube Interface Changes

    it seems that Google are not entirely satisfied with the YouTube interface, because the changes are ultimately constant in the latest updates. We are not talking about big changes, but small optimizations here and there as the arrastrar to update the notificaciones or vídeos time.

    This time the changes are focused on one of the aspects that were perhaps somewhat sidelined in the implementation so far: uploader . To make more intuitive and consistent use the new version includes a new icon and a new window upload video selection


    More intuitive

    So far, the floating icon with which you could upload videos to YouTube from your application was a generic icon file upload, ie, an arrow pointing up that many people could be confusing.

    This icon now has far more sense, since it is a camcorder , an icon that now leaves little room for confusion as intuitively relate to record video or video calls (which makes no sense in the context of YouTube).

    Youtube icon the new (left) and the old icon (right )

    When pressing said button, you will also find changes. The new window file upload is not based on the selection window standard file Android, but includes own gallery showing all videos on the device, sorted by date.

    What if you want record a new video ? No problem, the top of the window, which includes another video icon if you’re a little confused, and shows you directly the Preview your camera to start recording at a time.

    Recording Youtube

    you can not say that the YouTube application for Android was difficult to use before, but these changes will definitely help to make it even more intuitive.

    Via | 9to5Google
    Engadget Android | Ya you can drag to update the YouTube app

    The news YouTube keeps changing its interface slightly to make it more intuitive was originally published in ​​ Engadget Android by Ivan Ramirez .

    Engadget Android

    YouTube keeps changing its interface slightly to make it more intuitive
    March 2, 2016

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