10.1 Cyanogenmod RC1 now available for download

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    cyanogenmod January 10 rc1 now available for download 1 10.1 Cyanogenmod RC1 now available for download

    Cyanogenmod has just released the first Release Candidate , or from Android 4.2.2 to a number of supported devices.

    Certainly a very interesting news for all fans of this team independent developers and creators of Android roms adapted and refined for a large list of compatible terminals, many of them, like the Samsung Galaxy S Samsung forgotten, if not for Cyanogenmod, casa yet running version 2.3 Android Gingerbread .

    List of compatible terminals

    • a700
    • captivatemtd
    • curly
    • crespo4g
    • d2att
    • d2cri
    • d2mtr
    • d2spr
    • d2tmo
    • d2vzw
    • E975
    • endeavoru
    • epicmtd
    • galaxysmtd
    • grouper
    • hercules
    • I9100G
    • maguro
    • mako
    • blanket
    • odroidu2
    • otter
    • otter2
    • p3100
    • p3110
    • p5100
    • P5110
    • P760
    • p880
    • p930
    • quincyatt
    • quincytmo
    • skyrocket
    • steelhead
    • SU640
    • TF700T
    • tilapia
    • bull
    • toroplus
    • VS920

    If you are wondering what the nomenclature used by Cyanogenmmod to classify various terminals compatible, stop by the download page of the new version of Cyanogenmod RC1 and there, under the nomenclature used by own Cyanogen find the model equivalent.

     cyanogenmod January 10 rc1 now available for download 2 10.1 Cyanogenmod RC1 now available for download

    It is well to remind you that you should get off the zip native applications Google apart, because as we all know, the versions of Cyanogenmod bring not incorporated into their roms.

    This link you can find all versions of Gapps published to date, no one can say that for this version of Android will need the zip of Gapps 20130301 corresponding to Android 4.2.2 .

    With this new version of Cyanogenmod 10.1 RC1 , we get closer and closer to a final version fully tested and foolproof , although this still may be missing a couple of months or three.

    If you want to install one of these roms on your compatible device, the first thing to do is rootear the terminal to flash and install the Recovery modified to flash cooked roms from it.

    More –

    Download – Cyanogenmod Official Website , Direct link to downloads of the RC versions , Gapps

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    10.1 Cyanogenmod RC1 now available for download
    Source: www.hipertextual.com  
    May 8, 2013

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