Android 4.3 just around the corner, new interface and improvements on the camera

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  • Three images and a video have been filtered from Thailand Mobile Expo where you can distinguish a new kernel 14 May and the emergence of the Android version 4.3, with a new interface for camera application with new features such as exposure, HDR mode and timer.

    After the we left a bad taste in mouth by not by Google found a new update to Android, as it has done in past years. Perhaps a last minute delay caused the non-appearance of Android 4.3 for I / O 2013?

    Images and video shows as Android 4.3 appears in the Nexus 4 with Fig Jelly Bean hidden appearing in their settings and a new kernel on 14 May, in the video you can see well the new application interface Camera with new features implemented.

    Significant further improvements would be bringing Android 4.3 for the image and video filtering, and that in relation to other applications may own camera as HTC Sense or Samsung Touchwiz verily the Sony, the standard version of Android leaves a little to be desired in certain respects.

    Until now you could only switch between the front camera and rear flash on and off and change the white balance. Comparing these few features that have Sense or Touchwiz with mode Burst mode and HDR , make these new interface enhancements and performance in the next version of Android 4.3, an update we want already installed on Nexus devices.

    center;”> Android 4.3 01 android 4.3 just around the corner, new interface and improvements to the camera

    On the leaked video we can see that the new camera has options such as location, timer, image size, scene modes (action, night, sunset and party), and HDR exposure. Some new features that will make the new camera application, one of the major improvements that will in the new version of Android 4.3.

    These weeks are still very busy with all Regarding Google, new applications, I / O 2013, several updates and now, the news of the leak of Android 4.3, with the possible appearance of the new version in the coming weeks. You have all filtered images this link .

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    Source – Xda Developers

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    Android 4.3 just around the corner, new interface and improvements on the camera
    May 24, 2013

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