‘Big Brother’ crazy high performance


Telecinco has found a way to make audience is having a reality of coexistence which explodes the most in its programming . Looking for a powerful casting that can withstand the pull and, above all, he has learned to patch errors that real life on the fly, with decisions that make you continue to connect with the public.

Many people are against this type of programming, for a thousand and one reasons. But I am in favor of one thing: that the programs are what they promise and not cheat his own nature. Reality TV is announced and that is what we have, not ashamed or feel fear. Do not stay in half measures or try to look for costumes


Do not go out of fashion

 Lozano Matamoros

These air insides are what make that Telecinco will succeed where others dare not. So just lay off the fourth edition of ‘Gran VIP Brother ‘, which has been an unquestionable success not only by the figures achieved in classic Gallic Thursday, but get generate content for a lot of hours grill Mediaset.

What is a VIP? Being famous is a very relative thing, because if for you that person who’s on TV is not known, much “vipismo” you want to give, not going anywhere. But Telecinco has created its own quarry VIP’s , men and women we see in different spaces feeding an image built by fascicles.

And this trend does not exceed fashion. ‘Big Brother’, at the gala final, managed to be as comentado television day on Twitter with almost 250,000 tweets, razing about the second option: ‘Vis a vis’. And that’s not the only anecdote to comment about social networks: what do you think of that profile from the Civil Guard entering fully into the war between #lauristas and #lozanistas to calm the waters?

Your pluses and minuses

Moreover, what about this new edition of ‘Big Brother’? Some purists are against how certain things now, especially, what violates the essence of the contest are made. And that is, for example, the entry of outsiders that heats the pan, at the cost of bringing that information from the outside that was once so forbidden.

This year has been also starring those accusations of “furniture” to some contestants, very of the house, and that he cane from minute one, entertainment above all else, whatever that means. The pressure that some have received also tells us how it has changed the “live life”.

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‘Big Brother’ crazy high performance
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