Bike E5 Play Android Flash Go Edition is a version re-cut out of the mobile cheapest Motorola

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  • Motoe5go

    a few months Ago, in April, Motorola had the Bike E5 Play along the Moto G6, Bike E5 Plus and Moto E5. Now what returns to file, slightly different, with Android Oreo Go and destined to a selected number of countries in Latin america and Europe.

    The Bike E5 Play Android Flash Go Edition is a version reduced still more of the Bike E5 Play, which in turn operates under the less demanding Android Go and whose main interest will be its price, which will be about 100 euros at the exchange (we only have the data in pounds).

    Specifications of the Moto E5 Play (Android Go)

    Moto E5 Play (Android Go)


    5,3″ 18:9




    1 GB, probably


    16 GB, probably


    2.800 mAh battery, probably


    a Rear 8 MP, front 5 MP with flash.


    Android Oreo Go Edition


    fingerprint Reader back.

    Cutting the cut

    The shy information that Motorola has prepared on this new terminal almost leaves more questions than it clears, so that our specifications table above is something incomplete and populates it with data that is presuppose, but are not safe.

    What we do know, we almost fits on a sticky note, and is that you will have a screen of 5.3 inch format 18:9, of a resolution without specify, but that will probably end up being HD, just like the Moto E5 Play american. This latter included a screen of 5.2″, but in 16:9 format.

    Another fact we know is that you will have a fingerprint reader back, decorated with the logo of the company, as usual. In terms of cameras, the front is 5 MP and has its own flash, while the back will be of 8 MP. Of course, it will run on Android Oreo Go in place of the taste normal, like his brother american. For this we assume that you have 1 GB of RAM, which is the limit for Android Go.


    The series Moto E is most economic Motorola, and the Moto E5 Play is the one that has specifications more suited (and price). And, the Bike E5 Play that we already knew… there is now a version still more economic and with a specification tighter, the Bike E5 Play with Android Go.

    Versions, prices Bike E5 Play Android Go Edition

    While the Moto E5 Play, which first met in April it was exclusive to the united States, this new Bike E5 Play Android Go Edition will be immediately available in a select number of european countries and countries of Latin america.

    Will be available in the color black and gold for prices ranging from 78 to 100 euros according to the prices in the Uk, which are what we know. There will be sold at wholesalers such as Tesco, Amazon or Carphone Warehouse, in addition to through the operators. In the rest of the countries will have to wait until more details and prices.

    Via | Android Police
    Xataka Android | Motorola Moto E5 Play: the range of input is more economically maintains the fingerprint reader and processor Qualcomm

    The news Bike E5 Play Android Flash Go Edition is a version re-cut out of the mobile cheapest of Motorola was originally published in Xataka Android by Ivan Ramirez .

    Xataka Android

    Bike E5 Play Android Flash Go Edition is a version re-cut out of the mobile cheapest Motorola
    July 16, 2018

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