Canceled the event just for women Gaming Ladies by the pressures of machismo

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    Criticisms and threats have affected event exclusively female.

    gaming event for women only Gaming Ladies called this week, on Monday, the 26th of June, has been cancelled after just one day of your call due to the pressures of trolls of the Internet that have criticized the nature exclusively female event.

    The event (that was going to be its second edition) is going to take place next month, on the 27th of July, in the offices of the company King in Barcelona, but since his announcement had been a victim of trolleos in various Internet forums, and also of direct threats on here and on Twitter. Gaming Ladies sought to form a “safe space” (a term that the association FemDevs explains in his web page) for women belonging to the video game world, was going to have four talks (Judith Tur: Specialist in video game localisation, Mariona Valls: art Director and co-founder of Mango Protocol, Africa Curiel: co-founder of Femdevs and designer narrative and Yolanda Serrano: QA at King Barcelona).

    Hours after his call, the organizer, the journalist specialized in Marina Loves (author of the documentary Women and video games and its sequel Men and video games), confirmed on Twitter the cancellation of the event.

    The journalist and related persons have received criticism and threats on Twitter, some of which are no longer available, having been deleted by their authors. Apparently, the straw that has filled the glass is a “proposed trolleada” in the popular Spanish forum Forocoches, in which a user is proposed to “disfrazarnos aunt and say that we are travelos. Once inside, unleash the fury forocochera”.

    Apparently King has canceled the event due to possible safety problems, and in fact the organisers would like to thank the branch in barcelona the support and the opportunity, and ensures that the harassment received demonstrates the demand for spaces that are not mixed by a part of the female population, and that “we’re not going to give up with this topic”.

    Cancel the event for women only Gaming Ladies by the pressures of machismo

    Canceled the event just for women Gaming Ladies by the pressures of machismo
    June 27, 2017

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