‘Collateral’ traces a fascinating history of conspiracy through a sensational cast

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    it is Always a pleasure to have a good mini-series for british hand. There is something in the way of performing stories, especially in television, that I personally hypnotizes. The latest example has come to us thanks to Netflix: a great thriller titled ‘Collateral’.

    Composed by four episodes, ‘Collateral’ it is a miniseries of BBC written by David Hare (The Hours) and directed by SJ Clarkson. In it he tells the story of a murder, its investigation, its causes and its consequences in the area south of London.

    at The exit handing out pizza, Abdullah Asif is killed. The killing has been thorough and professional, so the first question that goes through the head of the detective Kip Glaspie (Carey Mulligan) is who kills a pizza delivery boy? The fact that the charge sent inexplicably to the victim, a syrian refugee played by Sam Otto, instead of when he played, awakens the curiosity of the police find that nothing is what it seems.

    The family of Abdullah it seems also to hide something and are facing the possibility of being expelled from the country. There is also something turbulent, Karen (Billie Piper), the woman who made the order of pizza and that turns out to be the ex of David Mars (John Simm), a political idealist, come to less. We also find the figure of Sandrine (Jeany Spark), the captain of the army, which turns out to be key.

    Collateral Billie Piper

    ‘Collateral’ is what we might call the “a drama of characters” (denomination that it makes me laugh because it seems to imply that the rest consists of buildings). A series in which the environment and the characters affected one way or the other for this murder are of greater importance than the conspiracy/investigation on the events. That’s why it doesn’t matter that the resolution, at least partial, of what happened is almost trivial in this microverso london.

    This coralidad, with the important weight to the characters, you have to work it very well from the process of its creation. Inevitably in ‘Collateral’ you find people that you connect more, by which you are interested more or less, some who are very care and others who, however, notes a surge effort, the transfer of the fine line between what he brings to a character and what that simply enmaraña.


    The example of what I mean is Jane (Nicola Walker). I think that his character, a vicarious of the anglican church that she is a lesbian, is already sufficiently interesting and complex to address topics on sexuality and religion to, well, put the layer that has a romance hidden with a fiend (Kae Alexander).

    of Course, it is precisely the status of witness is not reliable in this lover the nexus of Jane with the murder of that part of the series. Once the ‘Collateral’ gives the feeling that this situation will sentimental the story is magnified, which is not only adds to the character. Even more so when said character is rather more blurred than your partner.


    This does not mean that collectively, ‘Collateral’ be a drama fascinating that uses a premise to the use as may be murder to perform an overview on various aspects of society through the characters that give color to the drama. From immigration and the Uk post-Brexit up to sexism, and abuse positions of power.

    In general terms, ‘Collateral’ is a good mini-series. Well directed and with a script that it balances well with all of the subframes personal that appear during the four episodes with the plot to the police. Something that could not have been achieved without the great work of, especially, John Simms, Jeany Spark, and, of course, Carey Mulligan.

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    ‘Collateral’ traces a fascinating history of conspiracy through a sensational cast
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    March 20, 2018

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