Days Gone by: 20 amazing details or that you did not know

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    we Review some of the features or particulars of this highly anticipated open world game for PS4.

    Days Gone by Bend Studio is released on the 26th of April on PlayStation 4. At Vandal, we’ve compiled 20 details or features little known of this action adventure.

    The game offers us to accompany Deacon St. John and his motorcycle in this post apocalyptic world, and survive the dangers in the form of creatures, animals, mutants and human enemies.

    Recently the team told us that we will have a total of 40 hordes different in the 6 regions that will be, each with its own patterns and paths that continue to go out to drink water or hunt for food.

    you will Find large herds of these beings are infected, that will be distributed by the stage in groups of about 50 spawns to the major, which may be formed by more than 500 zombies. The media, we were told in the study, it will be about 150.

    Days Gone: 20 surprising details or that you did not know

    Days Gone by: 20 amazing details or that you did not know
    April 10, 2019

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