Deezer now supports Google Chromecast: streaming music on your TV

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    Although Spotify is one of the services streaming music playback most known and used, do not forget it’s not the only one of its kind on the market. Deezer is also widely used in more than 180 countries where it is available and today announced its official integration with Chromecast.

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    Little Google Chromecast HDMI stick to play content on television and simply receives a new guest, Deezer adds to the list of apps compatible with it so that users can send songs television creating a media player , getting to interact with the TV, combining songs, playlists or recommendations Deezer advantage.

    Of course, all phones and tablets where Deezer is used in combination with Chromecast become remotes from those who navigate the most 30 million songs in its catalog, and there can create collaborative playlists . Meanwhile, on television simply display the playback status, artist information and album cover art.

    hope soon to join the new integration with Chromecast Apps , one of the most sought Spotify, but fortunately we can use thanks to Spoticast , a tool created by a third party but serves the same purpose. And you, do you use deezer?

    Application at Google Play

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    Deezer now supports Google Chromecast: streaming music on your TV
    June 24, 2014

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