EldersArea, setting the tablet for the elderly

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  • eldersarea

    Javi Garcia writes us to tell us about Eldersarea , an interesting project to which we can configure the interface and performance of our Android tablet so they can use the older.

    In a simple way, you can create a profile which can be easily access to video conferencing with relatives, viewing photos, videos and music and can connect the tablet to scales or tensiometers to help keep track of important comprehensive data such as weight or heart rate.

    All this can be done from the settings made by a family member or caregiver who will manage the data that the tablet (which can be done through web) for use by elderly , customizing it as much as possible according to user needs.

    We have several download options EldersArea: the free, we will 1GB of cloud storage, configuration for an older person and three users who can modify interface, and payment (49 € per year) with 16GB of cloud storage, 10 users to control settings and profiles for three different people. We also offer an extra version in which we can determine the characteristics.

    You can download the application from GooglePlay for Android tablets.

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    EldersArea, setting the tablet for the elderly
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    February 9, 2013

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