3.10 Telegram save your texts unfinished drafts, with new video player and more

Draft Telegram

The race armamentísticas messaging applications continues another week. Now it’s time to fight back Telegram, as last weapon in the battle was the message editing, introduced in the versión 3.9.

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A new version of Telegram is now available for download on Google Play, version 3.10, which once again is a joint effort to upgrade at a time all official applications for mobile and desktop.

the most interesting improvement are the drafts, which assume that all text you type and do not send at the moment is saved as a draft, synchronized with all your devices. Thus you can start typing on your smartphone and finish the task from Telegram for Windows, for example



It is an open secret more and more people use Telegram work, replacing at least partly the e-mail, as is also making Slack. Telegram advantage is that it is even faster and instant Slack

But Telegram did not have a key role itself is available in the email. Drafts. You had to write a message and finish it at the time, or at least ensure that the application still open and the phone without reboot to keep the progress.

That changes now with the arrival of the drafts Telegram. The operation is completely safe, because you just have to write your posts as always, and Telegram automatically saved when you exit the application or mobile is blocked.


conversations with unsent, or appear borradores- a special badge “Draft” in all official platforms, so you can continue your message wherever you’ve been.

New video player

in Android 4.1 and higher, Telegram brings a further improvement in the form of a new video player. The player is nothing fancy, but does the function of allowing view shared in conversations quickly and without switching applications videos.


View profile photos old

Telegram stored in the cloud absolutely everything that you speak and all images and videos included in the group chat, but when consulting the profile picture of a group, you just showed the old one.

from now, Telegram also let you see the profile photos of old group, but only those that are changed from now and not retroactively. Photos of old Profile for normal users are also visible.


All you have to do is play on the profile picture and slide to view photos of past profile.

Accountant unread messages

in closing, a small improvement. If you’re reading the past history of a conversation and someone starts writing, an arrow and you indicates new messages. The difference is that now that arrow includes its own counter unread, so you can see if a message or 30.


Telegram Varies with device

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