40 wonderful useful websites

40 wonderful useful websites

This is a collection of useful websites that will make your online life a little better. No aggrandizement, only profits.

  • TuneFind is to find the songs that have sounded in each series. And you can search by seasons and chapters. Just great.

  • Print What You Like serves print web pages. But only the part you really want to print. That is, it assumes the content. No ads, no elements that do not provide when passing a paper web. You can also change the font or other options.

  • Scr.im , the tool to convert your email address into a shortened link. Naturally, to avoid as far as possible fall into networks of pure spam.

  • Zero Dollar Movies is, as its name suggests a collection of films that can be seen for free on various platforms, including YouTube. There are some that have already been removed from the platform but not Zero Dollar Movies, meaning that calm your tits . But overall it is fine. Even is Spiderman 2.

  • Instructables serves to explore all kinds of creations with the intro “let’s make …”. From there you can find almost anything (in English): travel, music, summer food …

  • SmallPDF is an editor PDFs online and free. In addition to editing documents is fine for exporting to different file types.

  • Camelcamelcamel . As the three camels of the Three Kings, brings gifts. O “gifts” and that monitors commodity prices Amazon, tells us when one that interests us has fallen, and allows us to see the evolution of the price.

  • Tiii.me tells you the time you’ve spent watching series in your life. You only have to find a number, indicating the number of seasons that have seen it, and is calculated and adding the number of hours, days, months … And by the way, you can calculate how much it would cost to see a season or a series of a particular season.

  • Dictation is a web only it works with Chrome (and upgraded to the latest version), but the results are surprisingly good and simple. It used to dictate text. It can be done in many languages ​​and you can even set the exact country for which recognition is better (is not the same as the Spanish of Venezuela that of Spain, for example).

  • KeepMeOut . Too hooked on certain websites like Facebook, YouTube or Reddit? If you’ve reached the point where you need to be another one to help you to leave the addiction, this site lets you create Favorites / Bookmarks to that site that will only work as often as you choose. For example, not being able to enter Facebook more than once every two hours. Do not create a marker of Hypertext, pls .

  • DummyImage super creates images quickly with a text. You can choose the size, the text (of course), colors and format. Png, gif or jpeg

  • Rainy Mood goes for relaxing or enjoying the sound of rain. A tab in the background with this web open, and relax. Or enjoy.

  • Memrise allows you to learn languages ​​from zero so organized. It will not make polyglot but it sure is better for you to defend yourself with basic terms.

  • Duolingo , more of the same. Learn languages ​​for free while you contribute to translate the web (not the web of Duolingo, but “the web” as a general concept)

  • Honey lets you apply discount coupons on many e-commerce sites without even having to look. It simply becomes an extension applying higher discount coupon you find.

  • CopyPasteCharacter . To easily find ASCII characters and copiapegarlos anywhere. ✌

  • Typing Lessons . If, like my provecta aunt, typing speed Dacia at this website you can take certain kinds of typing, a long ring at nineties is worth taking into account.

  • Ninite is, shall we say, magical to install many Windows applications simultaneously from a single web . Instead of using dozens of installers and trap sites that include their own toolbars and other crap in free foreign applications. Its equivalent in OS X is Mac Apps .

  • L-Mail . If you are millennial may never have had to send a letter, which is like a mail but in print, with envelope, it takes days to arrive, and for which you must pay. If you ever need to, what better to leave it to the Internet. On this website you can do so without having to handwrite or buy stamps or find a mailbox. And deliver worldwide.

  • MyFridgeFood . Tell what you have in your fridge and will offer recipes with your ingredients. #findemes

  • EggTimer is like the classic egg timers Countdown to sneak into the kitchen. You can even modify the slug your URL to automatically count the time you want (more information on the cover of the web).

  • Hours Of tells you what businesses are open in your city, close to you, at the time that you consult the web . It also lets you see the exact address, get a route map to get there, the exact time, phones, etc.

  • Hundred Zeros is the web and recommends finding books that are free from Amazon. It also lets look by gender.

  • Fiverr is a small market services from five dollars. You can find people to do a picture, compose a tune, to audit your website to SEO level or create a mobile game. Or many other things.

  • Mathway solve mathematical problems algebra, trigonometry, geometry, statistics, etc.

  • BugMeNot provides usernames and password for almost any web. The idea is to use them without having to register, if you ask for registration.

  • Unsplash . High resolution pictures and high quality, royalty free to do whatever you want with them. Every ten days added ten new. And there are already a lot.

  • TopDocumentaryFilms . Free documentaries and listed by categories, with general recommendations. Perfect.

  • Eat This Much . Introduces the amount of calories you want to eat along one day, the number of meals that want to distribute, and gives you a menu to your taste (you can qualify if you are vegetarian, vegan, follow the Paleolithic diet, etc.

  • Two Foods . We continue with the food. In Two Foods can make a nutritional comparison of any two foods.

  • Khan Academy . To learn almost anything with a web design is a ditto taste. It also has section for parents and teachers, student beyond.

  • Google Maps StreetView Player . Enter an origin and a destination and you will see a video of the Street View Google Maps in which single frame will indicate the route to follow. You can download the video.

  • Hotel WiFi Test . If the quality of WiFi is a factor for you when choosing a hotel, this web you only add the city where you are looking and you will list in descending order the name of each hotel, along with the average speed .

  • Account Killer serves to close accounts on various websites quickly and easily.

  • Mailinator lets you create “fake” email accounts super fast, you do not need passwords. They are free, temporary, and allow used to spend there the mails of records, especially suspicious websites to use our address for spam

  • Forvo has more than two million words in more than three hundred languages, ready to play and hear.

  • Web Screenshots . It delivers what it promises: screenshots of web pages, simply by entering a URL. Leave download the image in PNG.

  • CloudConvert can convert through the web just about any file in almost any format. The list is long.

  • SleepyTime calculates what time it is better sleep as the time at which you want to wake up. Offers four options for those who sleep more or less, and does so based on sleep cycles.

  • Text to Decimal encrypts your texts in various formats, but in a very basic way should be interpreted as absolutely safe.


40 wonderful useful websites
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August 7, 2015

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