5 Best Service to Fax from Android

Business, English - August 12, 2020

With advancement of technology, it has become possible to link and associate two unrelated devices with absolute ease. Who could have thought with a hand portable device like a smartphone could send faxes into a fax machine? But, it is possible.

Understanding the preference of fax machines despite newer ways of business communication, a lot of tech companies came up with plausible solutions for making devices like phone, laptops and emails compatible with fax machines.

There are a plethora of companies and instruments that offer such connection and claim to be the best. However, not all perform. If you want to know about the best fax app for android, this article will give you the necessary insight into the 5 best services to fax from Android:

5 Best Services to Fax from Android

It is important to know that out of many claimants that ensure Faxing service from Android, there are some true gems worth investing in. The below mentioned services stand apart as best service to fax from Android:

1.      CocoFax

CocoFax is a leading fax solution for all the right reasons. Being an online service, it is superbly easy to use, send and receive fax with CocoFax. It is used by professionals worldwide as the most reliable faxing solution.

CocoFax does not need any hardware installation for its usage. It offers all the faxing benefits without having a fax machine. It successfully synchronizes the gadget of your choice, i.e. Android phones in this case, to the performance of a fax machine.

Image 1. 5 Best Service to Fax from Android

Users of CocoFax can send and receive faxes instantaneously by using a single account that can be used on multiple devices. This is not all. Below are the very fabulous features and functionalities offered by CocoFax that make it the leader in fax services from Android:

a)      Online Dashboard

CocoFax has a very appealing online dashboard that has an amazing user interface. The dashboard can be accessed online on the web. Any faxes received are stored on this platform and can be accessed as per your requirement.

b)      Email Fax

As CocoFax does the impossible, it makes two fundamentally different communication modes interact with each other. The modes being referred to here are email (gmail, etc.) that is a digital platform and fax machine, which is an analogue telephonic platform.

So, CocoFax acts as an active online interpreter. In an array of smooth functioning, sending a fax from your gmail ID is possible and instant.

c)      Delivery Notifications

When sending fax from a non-fax machine, apprehensions are likely. It would worry you if the fax has been sent out or not. CocoFax addresses this issue as well as the users would receive a delivery notification when the fax is sent over.

While CocoFax is immensely efficient in its conduct, delivery of the fax is very much guaranteed. The only probable reason for non delivery could be inactivity of the fax machine, a busy fax machine or humane errors of typing the wrong number.

d)     Notifications on Receipt

Users of CocoFax never miss a fax as they receive email notifications on their inbox confirming the receipt. The document will be received in a pdf format and that is easily accessible on an Android phone.

e)      Ease of Documentation

There are a variety of attachable documents to send an email to a Fax. Doc, docx, xls, xlsx, png and jpg files are attachable formats and received as a pdf on the fax machine. On the other hand, faxes are received in a pdf format.

CocoFax has garnered popularity and patronage by virtue of its professional ease. Faxes are still a prominent and trustworthy form of formal communication in every part of the world. It provides your work with an operational leverage stating that all communication modes are accepted.

Image 2. 5 Best Service to Fax from Android

In a competitive world wherein all businesses try to have an edge over the other, a fax compatible set up is the value added to your business. The plus point is, you do not even have to invest in a fax machine. The process will be as simple as any other digital communication format.


As the name suggests, is compatible with personal computers, desktops and laptops. It does not offer holistic fax usage and one needs to assess and reassess the requirement of faxing.

In the era of smartphones, the compatibility with smartphones is an important prospect that misses.

3.      RingCentral

RingCentral is also a major player in sending and receiving faxes. It offers a nice web-based solution to address the issue of sending and receiving faxes without a fax machine. It is poplar with the corporates and has decent faxing services.

4.      MetroFax

Metrofax has been around for a long time and offers reliable faxing solutions. They cater to the corporate culture of sending and receiving fax. However, the services are web internet based and accessing the same on smartphone is quite a challenge.

5.      FaxBurner

FaxBurner is a feasible platform for those with not a very recurrent usage of the fax. It offers a disposable fax number that is created on a need basis, whenever one needs to send a fax. It also offers only four free pages. Post this; the prices escalate to a steep level.


Having tried and tested the above stated apps, CocoFax emerges as the best fax app for Android. The user interface is so addictive that other alternatives will feel like a challenge. Further, the ease of usage on desktop and smartphone makes it more appealing.

Image 3. 5 Best Service to Fax from Android

So, CocoFax will be a reliable alternative for your corporate fax solutions. It has a lot to offer ranging from compatibility to promptness of services. Fax undoubtedly is the most secured form of corporate communications. It is the reason why many organizations retain this mode.

There are many ways in which businesses communicate and Fax is always the most trusted. Therefore, making your business and work compatible with Fax adds an operational advantage to the working. It is the most seamless and easy way to send and receive fax.