6 Fundamental aspects of Apple Watch that you can only understand if you’ve used

Because really need to try the Apple Watch to understand truth.

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I have to accept that in some ways I I feel privileged to be one of the few people who have had opportunity to use a Apple Watch , to have him on the wrist and experience the proposal that the company has for the first wearable .

They have already been several days since that presentation, have said many things about it and have done all kinds of judgment and predictions about its use, its possibilities, its adoption, its importance and its future, both as a device, as their contribution to society.

But I really think which continues to try to Apple Watch from a slimline optical, somewhat shortsighted and uninformed. I also think they have missed some fundamentals that can only be understood if you used one

These are, in my personal opinion, the most important six.

1. No startup screen

Nor is there a button that when pressed will take the screen, as in iOS, because there is simply no. The watch is a app, in the same way that the iPhone is a phone app. If you talk to other people who have tried the Apple Watch , this is often the first and most recurring element of confusion, because they simply are accustomed to iOS where you press a button and go back to the beginning.

The graphical interface of Apple Watch is a “principle” or “final” , is more like a sphere, where you ride through all possible screens.

2. No matter the angle at which you see the screen, it will look good

Apple has done an extremely thorough job in this regard. The quality of the LCD screen (although some assume that it is actually AMOLED, yes, AMOLED ) is so good that no matter the viewing angle you observe the information displayed on the screen , always looks good. The colors are not distorted. It is an impressive technical achievement, is allowed, like an analog clock, information no matter how you look.

3. All Apple GUI Watch is made for observation and interaction at times very short

One of the biggest mistakes of Android Wear and other initiatives to smartwatches is to design a light and decaffeinated version of an operating system for mobile devices. Like creating iOS counterpoint of OS X, a graphical interface for Apple Watch is made from scratch, for very specific information in the shortest time possible, ie a couple of seconds literally . For something Apple is doing much emphasis on glances

You expect someone to read a full article in a digital environment in Apple Watch? Not going to happen . You pretend someone to play on Apple Watch? Forget it. Not for that.

Much of the success of third-party apps will lie in that the user has previously configured data to another device. For example, an app address (such as Citymapper or Waze ) be truly effective if one touch you ask him to direct you home. This means that management should already be configured before.

4. The physical communications shall be as or more important than the visual

Apple Watch gives you little touches on the wrist to warn of things, can also be used by developers to indications who take the watch. The Magic behind such notifications is that, well designed, will not need to watch the clock to understand them. Example: In the next corner you have to walk right, a touch you what you can tell, you do not look at the screen of the iPhone, you do not watch the clock

You’re at a party or event. and stay with your partner that three touch is the signal to go. What you get, no sound, nothing to look, you just know it’s time to retire.

I think because it has not been used, most underestimated what feels when the Apple Watch notifies you of this. It is as if someone really touched lightly with a finger. It is subtle and yet is strong enough to notice.

5. The visual notifications Watch Apple are the future of the mobile industry

This really is a notification.

What happens if you get a notification on your smartphone? The see, you can discard or you can access it for more information, generally interact with an app.

Because the Apple Watch is designed for small moments comments , visual notifications have a very high burden of context with more information than normal, always looking to be very specific, without having to access a app because it is not about having the user observing the minutes clock. The see, understand, and lower arm.

I am convinced that notifications Apple Watch will end all iOS and consequently in other mobile operating systems.

6. The Apple Watch is an accessory, but not necessarily always will

In its current iteration, the Apple Watch is an accessory, no doubt about it, Apple does not try to deceive us that sense and has always been very clear. It takes a iPhone to work, the configuration is done from an app on the phone and not have independence, gets its information via a Bluetooth link perennial or via Wi-Fi. Once disconnected loses most of its reason to exist.

The first version of the operating system is also designed with that goal. In this regard have been pretty honest and whole conception, uses initially proposed, all are designed in such a way that it is an accessory to iPhone . Tim Cook dropped it, “this dependence is well for now” But not an extension to this.. This distinction is extremely important because if so, would simply be iOS from a smaller window with a mirror notifications everything that comes to smartphone. And definitely is not the case .

At the official presentation of the clock in 2014 Tim Cook specified that this dependence will exist yet , leaving the door open for a future Apple Watch “live” independently to an iPhone.

This is not the first time that Apple makes something. The first iPod required the existence of a Mac to activate and copy music you are playing. If not had a Mac was just a white and chrome expensive box. A couple of years later the iPod could be connected to a PC, but always had a relationship of dependence (except for iPod touch to be an iOS device).

The first iPhone needed to be activated from a Mac or a PC through iTunes , no way to do it independently. Years later Apple managed to wean all iOS devices with a software update that allowed the activation and total configuration without requiring connection via USB to a Mac or PC.

But the world had to move, smartphones had to become immense adoptions devices that now seem normal. The Post-PC era had to come for the company to understand that there are millions of people who find it enough an iPad and have no purchasing a laptop or a desktop interest.

Today is not clear where will the Apple Watch in terms of usage and adoption. Today we do not know if 38 mm and 42 mm are sufficient, if the interactions are always limited to a few seconds or longer require attention. We do not know the uses that will enhance developers through their apps will be, nor do we know what the uses that consumers will reward.

That’s why it is not entirely clear how dependent or independent should be iPhone. Only time will tell.


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