A leak could teach us how to wear the LG G4 Note with metallic finish

Lg G4 Note Tuesday os spoke of the metal chassis that is beginning to prepare for their upcoming LG devices, mentioning that seemed they were to arrive in time for its next flagship LG G4 ya has been leaking . But what is possible, as you mentioned, is that these finishes will premiere with a hypothetical G4 Note .

The LG G4 Note is a device rumored which until today no knew practically nothing, but after a forum user XDA says work on T -Mobile a supposed leaked images of one of the test models, and we can get an idea of ​​how it will look the phablet with which LG will try to compete with Samsung Note range.

In the top left picture in which we see the back of the device notice the presence of a stylus , whereas if we look at other jacks we can see that the G4 Note will, at least, with version 5.0.2 of Android.

It will be a truly committed beat the Note of Samsung range, or we have to settle with a new midrange as the LG G3 Stylus ? This leak has not been accompanied with specifications, so we will touch wait until the machinery leaker will get my hands on in the coming weeks for more

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XDA Engadget Android | LG will not arrive in time G4 with its metal chassis, the G4 Note could be the first

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A leak could teach us how to wear the LG G4 Note with metallic finish
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March 30, 2015

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