A ranking by Forbes placed at T-Systems, HP, Fujitsu and Ibermática as the best technology to work

Forbes has released what are the best tech companies to work for in Spain in 2020, among which are names such as T-Systems, HP, Fujitsu Technology Solutions or Ibermática.

The analysis for Forbes, conducted by Sigma Dos from the views of more than 8,000 employees of companies with more than thousand employees is based on 38 separate indicators on human resources policies, reconciliation, diversity and health in the workplace.

This list aims to identify the companies that help, motivate and care for their employees, as well as those with the higher salaries in Spain according to the opinion of their own templates.

Among the best technology companies to work for in Spain in 2020 is T-Systems, a subsidiary of service digital of the group Deutsche Telekom, who your employees have highlighted the policies of reconciliation and health at work.

The company has since several years ago with the program ‘Magenta ‘ Fit’, aimed at promoting healthy routines among the staff, and that includes various actions such as the Nutrition Workshops Healthy, the ‘T-Runners Club’ or the ‘No Elevators Day’, a day that promotes the use of the stairs.

T-Systems also has a Certificate ESR, as a Socially Responsible Company with its Workers, awarded by the Foundation Wing and the Foundation for Diversity and, from 2017, is adhered to the European Network of Health Promotion at Work (ENWHP) and the Luxembourg Declaration, which commits to integrate the basic principles of health promotion in the workplace.

With a workforce of around 2,600 employees in Spain, T-Systems offers solutions and technological services to companies and administrations to drive their digital transformation and improve their international competitiveness.

Next to her, the list of best technology companies to work in Spain to 2020 also includes the to HP, of which its workers in Spain have highlighted the strength of your corporate culture and an environment that fosters reconciliation; Fujitsu Technology Solutions, or Ibermática.

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A ranking by Forbes placed at T-Systems, HP, Fujitsu and Ibermática as the best technology to work
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March 6, 2020

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